Elaborate Marijuana Grow House Busted

(Memphis) On the front law of a Raleigh home on Plymouth Avenue, remnants of marijuana plants grown in pots sit in piles.

Police left them after raiding the place Thursday.

Investigators say three men turned the home into a marijuana grow house.

Inside, police say they found 148 pot plants.

“It was 14 big pots,” a man who watched the officers haul them out of his neighbors home said.

“It took two police officers to pull them and one holding the pot, when they got them out they had an ax and they chopped them out at the roots and they filled up two pick-up trucks of marijuana.”

Officers also found 178 pound of leaves and what they call loose trimmings.

That’s not all.

According to the affidavit, the men created an elaborate growing operation. That included lighting, and a ventilation system.

They also tapped into power lines that were routed to their house but bypassed the MLGW meter, so they were also charged with theft.

“It was a really clean house,” Richard Crowe said.

Crowe has done maintenance work at the rental home in the past.

“I never saw anything suspicious before this is really shocking and really sad,” he said.

Neighbors say what’s really sad is kids walk by the home daily.

“Marijuana or any drugs in your neighborhood that’s not a good thing look at all the kids around here,” one neighbor said.

The suspects are each held on a $3 million bond.


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