Clues Found In Dumped Garbage Leads Us To Landlord

(Memphis) City crews cleaned a plot of city owned land that people have been dumping trash on for months.

Crews and WREG found mail in the trash, which pointed back to a home on Biggs Street.

Neighbors say the woman listed on the mail had moved out and workers had cleaned the place up and hauled out boxes of trash.

We tracked down her the property owner.

“We didn’t do that. We don’t do that,” he said.

“Any idea how it got out of the house and out there?” asked reporter Wayne Carter.

“No, no idea.”

The city says cleaning up after dumpers uses up the little cash they have.

Finding bills makes it easier to hold the landlord accountable, since it’s more than an eyesore.

“It gets into the wetlands and as it disintegrates it puts pollution in the soil,” said Ryan Hall of the Wolf River Conservancy, which owns land adjacent to the City property.

He says all you have to do it place it on the curb for sanitation crews.

This landlord swears he did just that.

“We have many houses, we clean it out but we don’t go dump the trash,” he said.


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