Henri Brooks Constituents Speak About Her Racial Comments

(Memphis) Residents in Commissioner Henri Brooks' district are fired up about her racially charged comments at a commissioners' meeting.

During the meeting, Brooks said the struggles of the Hispanic community cannot compare to the struggles of African Americans.

In her district, District 2, everyone seems to be talking about Brooks and has opinions about the heated comments she made earlier this week.

"Her politics are her politics, but as far as her opinion...It's kind of hard to separate the two, be we have to!" one man said.

Others, like Justin Davis, said her comments crossed the line.

"That is really racist... I strongly disagree with what she said."

Thursday, Brooks posted a statement on Facebook saying, in part, "Regarding my exchange with Mr. Pablo Pereyra during a county commission meeting, I stand by my comments, which are historically correct.'

Some agree, saying she is entitled to her opinion.

"We've been here the whole time, and this is the South," one African American man said. "It's where the slave trade was on Main Street. So, I have to agree with her opinion."

Others feel her comments are racist and damaging to race relations in Memphis.

"We all bleed the same!" Davis said.

A Hispanic man, Jose Barcenes, added, "I've stayed here in America for a long time, and everything is ok. Sometimes there are many problems, but not exactly with me. "

Brooks is running for Juvenile Court Clerk. One of her backers, Attorney Van Turner, said some good has come out of her statements.

"We should benefit and grow from the dialogue that's being generated," he said.

Turner said he will stand behind Brooks.

"I still do support her candidacy, although it's unfortunate what has occurred. I wish it had not occurred, but overall, I think she's done more good."

However, others said Brooks has lost their vote.

WREG did reach out to Commissioner Brooks. She said she would return our calls and speak to us, but she never did.


  • whitesRdevilsanhypicrites

    ngor1 does it make you uncomfortable a negro refuses to be the bootlucker you whites crave? Does it make you uncomfortable a negro despises anyone who despises him ESPECIALLY whites and you cant disprove even one rhing I have said so you result to personal attacks? Your ttacks on my ppl are defended with your same tactics now you whine?

  • whitesRdevilsanhypicrites

    May 16, 2014 at 12:04 pm
    I see you whites the very ones who invented racism and barbarism, colonialism, theft,and hypocrisy who exploit Asian,Negro,Latino, and native ppl have the nerve to lecture a colored person for saying our struggles are different are truly childern of satan. You dont give a hoot about latinos. You just want to make sure you can break the law and use them

  • whitesRdevilsanhypicrites

    May 16, 2014 at 3:26 am
    I ask again oh wicked white son of Japeath! Please disprove with facts even one thing I have stated. I am one negro free of your brainwashing White built usa you say? U lazy bums couldn’t even do the work. Your wealth is the results of free labor and theft and you KNOW it.

  • Chuck

    All I see by reading these comments, this city is full of racist of all colors and backgrounds. We, as a city, can never move past the shadow of bigotry until we learn to live together.

  • mark

    It’s unfortunate that so many of the comments on the vile spewed by Henri Brooks here are themselves an embarrassment to our city. Folks, obviously there are racists of all colors, but we need to rise above the venomous language and try to find things we have in common with our neighbors.

  • Hard Truths

    I hope the Democratic Party Executive Committee takes her off their ticket.

    Henri Brooks can run as an independent Black Nationalist/Black Supremacist candidate.

    She has done MASSIVE damage to our ticket with her unconscionable, idiotic comments. She is what you see she is. A big ot.

  • Jon-Jon

    First and foremost, in America and Memphis inparticular, white people are the only ones who can be racist. Blacks, Hispanics, and orientials can be predjudice or bias. Not Racist. Because the aforementioned group of people do not own and control any significant part of the what drives the economic system. Meaning businesses. Blacks have mom and pop restaurants, churches, barber shops, and a few others I mightn add. Their struggle cant be compared to ours, period . Now I will say this, if it wer not for some very good whites, blacks would still be enduring a much greater struggle. Plainly put green is at the root of the problem, and it does not matter what color you are.

  • disgustedblackwoman

    There is still racism on every side she is entitled to her opinion whites have had decades hundreds of years to say what they have to say, using dogs, fire hoses billyclubs the government read the making of a slave Willie Lynch its sickening Memphis has a long long way to go Lord knows if I could leave the South I would I’m not too fond of whites blacks Latinos Asians straight homosexuals state or church right now . Can anybody talk about Why the damned light bills are so high

  • langor1

    And you are better how? Your hypocrisy is boundless, you berate and race bait on here every day. You are clearly a part of the problem with your childish name and antics. What do YOU stand for? Grow up fool.

  • Cantwealljustgetalong

    Is it coincidental that a person with a name like “whites r devils” is themselves a racist? Funny how that revisionist history just does NOT jibe with any proven facts…

    Many Europeans did committed egregious acts in the past, HOWEVER the people alive today are not responsible for what was done hundreds of years ago. All of this is beside the point anyway, your racist hatred of Caucasian people has caused you to digress from the point at hand.

    “Racism” is NOT just about black and white! It is when anybody judges another by their race, and if you actually believe that this only happens with whites against blacks, you clearly have no clue that you yourself are a racist.

    Ms Brook’s statement that a Latino can not understand what it is to be a minority, because he isn’t black is wrong AND insulting to the Hispanic community. Why is it that a black woman’s racist remarks toward Latinos has been TWISTED into an attack on the white people yet again?

  • langor1

    You are a sad individual and shouldn’t speak to anyone about bigotry. Your hatred has consumed you, so sad.

  • Joe

    james…..you are a typical henri brooks voter

    sad to see…..you will always be stuck where you are because of how you think

    feel sorry for you

  • Joe

    my my another angry black woman…..how nice

    feel better now? hope so….now stop whining and go to work…..if you do actually work

  • Joe

    I know you want everything to be free…and you want the govt to pay for all your needs….

    but it doesnt work like that

    dont like it?


  • Aha!

    Let me tell you something. When my white dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, he did not have a dime in insurance. He received treatment at no cost, unless you consider he lost his house due to not being able to work. His life was prolonged for 3 years. Anyone can find free cancer treatment if they seek it. What you said is a cop-out. They did not look hard enough.

  • Bobby O Johnson

    Read a few books by Booker T Washington and actual slave – He must be a racists too because he states slaver was a terrible thing but he moved on and got an EDUCATION and stopped blaming the white man ! The Democrats want to keep you on the plantation for life ! 60 years votign Democrat & $1Trillion plus spent on civil rights ? How’s the black family doing today? Do you wonder why the Latinos are passing you by?

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