Henri Brooks Constituents Speak About Her Racial Comments

(Memphis) Residents in Commissioner Henri Brooks’ district are fired up about her racially charged comments at a commissioners’ meeting.

During the meeting, Brooks said the struggles of the Hispanic community cannot compare to the struggles of African Americans.

In her district, District 2, everyone seems to be talking about Brooks and has opinions about the heated comments she made earlier this week.

“Her politics are her politics, but as far as her opinion…It’s kind of hard to separate the two, be we have to!” one man said.

Others, like Justin Davis, said her comments crossed the line.

“That is really racist… I strongly disagree with what she said.”

Thursday, Brooks posted a statement on Facebook saying, in part, “Regarding my exchange with Mr. Pablo Pereyra during a county commission meeting, I stand by my comments, which are historically correct.’

Some agree, saying she is entitled to her opinion.

“We’ve been here the whole time, and this is the South,” one African American man said. “It’s where the slave trade was on Main Street. So, I have to agree with her opinion.”

Others feel her comments are racist and damaging to race relations in Memphis.

“We all bleed the same!” Davis said.

A Hispanic man, Jose Barcenes, added, “I’ve stayed here in America for a long time, and everything is ok. Sometimes there are many problems, but not exactly with me. “

Brooks is running for Juvenile Court Clerk. One of her backers, Attorney Van Turner, said some good has come out of her statements.

“We should benefit and grow from the dialogue that’s being generated,” he said.

Turner said he will stand behind Brooks.

“I still do support her candidacy, although it’s unfortunate what has occurred. I wish it had not occurred, but overall, I think she’s done more good.”

However, others said Brooks has lost their vote.

WREG did reach out to Commissioner Brooks. She said she would return our calls and speak to us, but she never did.


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