Settlement Reached In Battle Over Lorenzen Wright Trust Fund

(WREG-TV) The trust fund hearing involving murdered NBA star Lorenzen Wright’s children has been resolved, according to his ex-wife’s attorneys.

Sherra Wright has attended hearings this week, and spent more than six hours Wednesday explaining where the $973,000 she spent within ten months went.

Her attorney, Christopher Donovan, would not say anything else about the settlement.

The guardian ad litem, Darryl Gresham, released the following statement:

“On behalf of the minor children of Sherra Robinson and Lorenzen Wright, the parties to this action would like to announce that all matters in controversy in this court and any other court involving these parties have been resolved and the parties, including the children, are focused on healing and moving forward.”

For the last several days, Sherra Wright has been in a court fight with Lorenzen’s father, Herb Wright, over who has control of the children’s estate.

Minutes after taking the witness stand Thursday morning, Sherra Wright faced
cross-examination by her own lawyer.

He was asking how she handled the monthly $925 Social Security payments each of her children received after the death of their father.

“No initial account had been received or anything,” said Sherra Wright.

Sherra’s attorney hinted her former lawyer never submitted an accounting of the kids’ money, based on what Sherra saw when she went to the office.

Herb Wright’s attorney, Ruby Wharton, tried to stop the testimony, saying it was leading the witness.

It would be one of several objections before court recessed.

Wharton, a long time attorney and the wife of Mayor AC Wharton, wasn’t holding back, pushing her client’s point that Sherra Wright has gone through a $1 million insurance policy by buying homes and luxury cars.

“I hope it’s going well and judge is listening intently. That’s all I have to say,” Ruby Wharton said outside of court.

She wouldn’t speculate on the outcome of case, but by the afternoon a settlement had been reached.

Sherra Wright’s attorney says it ends a long court fight over the children’s money.

Lorenzen Wright was shot to death in 2010 in a deserted area in Southeast Memphis. His murder is unsolved.


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