Hospital Janitor Saves Two Patients’ Lives

(Memphis) Tabeita “Nicki” Harris worked a typical day at the office on Thursday.

She scrubbed floors, dusted tables, and threw out garbage.

“I sweep, I mop, I clean, I do everything,” Harris said.

Harris might not be a doctor or nurse at Methodist North Hospital, but her title has not stopped her from saving lives.

“I said, ‘I need help.'” Harris said.  “‘Can somebody come and help me?'”

“You know the nurse came and when she came, I was telling her that he wasn’t acting right…she was like, what you mean he ain’t acting right? He’s like jerking. And I’m like that ain’t right,” Harris said.

Harris jumped into action when no one else was around.

“I was scared,” she said. “I was like what’s wrong with my friend?”

She thought a moment like that would only happen once in her lifetime.

“I’ll do it again if I have to,” Harris said.

Nicki didn’t just save one life back in April. A couple of days later, it happened all over again.

“When I seen her stuff was coming out of he mouth and it scared me,” Harris said.

The woman who cleans rooms for a living took action for the second time.

“Actually I hollered out because people was already in the hallway and I was asking for some help because I know she ain’t breathing, she ain’t doing right,” Harris said.

Another life was saved by the person no one would expect, but for whom everyone is grateful for.

As Harris continues wiping down tables, no one can wipe the smile off of her face as many people hail her a hero.

“I call myself blessed. A blessing from God,” Harris said.  “An angel.”


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