Dog Bite Sparks Violent Neighborhood Fight

(Memphis) Neighbors are letting out a sigh of relief after the arrest of another neighbor they say violently attacked them.

“It’s scary. This is not the first time he’s assaulted somebody,” said Heather Evans.

Evans told us one Friday night earlier this month she was at her home on Maria St.

She said her neighbor Jerry Usrey charged into her yard screaming that her dog just attacked his 65-year-old mother.

Evans said she told Usrey to leave, “That’s when he laid two punches into my eye.”

She said a friend tried to get Usrey to leave their yard, but he punched that friend also.

“He went down to the ground, punch after punch. He was unconscious. Broke his nose, his jaw, his cheekbone. He had a concussion,” said Evans.

“Neighbors can say anything. That man attacked my son,” said Usrey’s mom, Beverly.

She paints a different picture of what happened that night, “A dog came charging into the yard and bit me.”

She showed us wounds on her legs she said were from the dog bite and told us her son Jerry was just defending her.

She claimed it is the friend of the neighbor who started the fight.

Police however said her son is to blame.

“I wish it would have never happened. I wish I would have never gotten bit. I wish my son was with me,” expressed Usrey.

As for the dog, the boxer pit bull mix was a pregnant rescue.

She was put down by animal control.

“It’s hard. I rescue pits. I was pouring my heart into her,” said Evans.

Even though Evans is thankful Usrey is now locked up, she’s looking to pack up her house and move.

The man she blames for her bruises lives just two doors down.

“Eventually, he’s going to get out. I got to protect my daughters,” said Evans.

Usrey remains in jail on a $100,000 bond.

He has faced assault charges in Shelby County several times before, dating back to 1994.

Just last year, he was arrested for throwing a firecracker at a different neighbor.


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