TV Anchor Defends Storm Coverage


(WREG-TV) We often get irate calls, emails and tweets when we interrupt regular programming for severe weather coverage.

Some callers are nice, some are not so nice.

We understand they want to see their favorite show and that the severe weather may not be impacting them directly.

We break-in to provide often live saving information when tornadoes are in the viewing area which stretches into Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee.

A TV anchor in Sioux Falls, South Dakota ripped into viewers who complained about missing their shows during severe weather there.

“No show is as important as someone’s life,” Nancy Naeve said on air. “We aren’t going to go on air if it’s not important.”

She said viewers specifically called out one of the station’s meteorologists.

“I tell you what. If it was your home and your neighbors you would feel differently. So please, please don’t do that. That’s not nice,” Naeve said while pointing at the camera.

She pointed out that most shows are posted on network websites.

What do you think about what she said and how she said it?


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