TV Anchor Defends Storm Coverage

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(WREG-TV) We often get irate calls, emails and tweets when we interrupt regular programming for severe weather coverage.

Some callers are nice, some are not so nice.

We understand they want to see their favorite show and that the severe weather may not be impacting them directly.

We break-in to provide often live saving information when tornadoes are in the viewing area which stretches into Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee.

A TV anchor in Sioux Falls, South Dakota ripped into viewers who complained about missing their shows during severe weather there.

“No show is as important as someone’s life,” Nancy Naeve said on air. “We aren’t going to go on air if it’s not important.”

She said viewers specifically called out one of the station’s meteorologists.

“I tell you what. If it was your home and your neighbors you would feel differently. So please, please don’t do that. That’s not nice,” Naeve said while pointing at the camera.

She pointed out that most shows are posted on network websites.

What do you think about what she said and how she said it?


  • Jakrabt

    I agree with the anchorman. I live in a rural community of the viewing area and we don’t get the community warnings like large cities do.

  • biz59

    I like my shows too, but I am CERTAINLY NOT going to get upset because the weather man has broken in on the show and tells me what is going on and alerting me to be aware that I may have to take cover. They are giving us a little bit of time to prepare for it. I THINK WHAT SHE DID WAS FANTASTIC and I would like to see other weather people follow suite of this because there is NO REASON for Nasty phone calls and abusive words being used. CONTINUE ON DOING YOUR JOB, you got my vote any time of the day or not to break in on a show I may be watching if it might be the one time it saves your life.

  • Kelly

    I agree with the anchor. And believe me, if someone was hurt or worse due to severe weather and they didnt interrupt their shows they would have really heard about that. So they did the right thing.

  • cuntbelieveit

    but.. just because they get TV does not mean they have internet to go to… I do however agree with the anchor. You go, lady! It is just not nice.

  • papawofboo

    It’s a pain sometimes when the sun is shinning at my house and the bad weather is on the other side of Miss. but you never know when their local station is going to be off the air. Bottem line, keep doing it, like the lady said, it’s only a tv show compared to a live.

  • Joe

    the fact is….most meterorologists love it when its their time to “shine”,,,,,,and they do go overboard a lot just to try to stay on the air

    they are just as bad here in memphis…..and make no mistake….they are all trying to outdo each other with their coverage

    weather people….just show the radar…make a few comments….and then run the script at the bottom folks…..I dont need to see the same radar image in 19 different formats for a solid hour….I dont need to see you rolling out all your little doppler tools …. just give me the basic info

    when you repeat yourself more than 2-3 times…..and theres no new info…..yeah…..people get tired of that

    just use some common sense…..and the way….dont dare lecture me on how I shouldnt mind your boring wall to wall coverage……i’ll just find another station for my news and weather

    dont like viewer input and feedback? guess you wont mind if you lose viewers then

  • Peggy James

    i agree with anchor!!! saving lives is very important!!! i want to be- everyone should be alerted!!! thanks thanks!!!!!!

  • Ricky Dean

    If there is a tornado warning, yes, absolutely break in. However, around here, they break in for thunderstorms. Wow. Thunderstorms in the Mid South in the spring and summer months. Who would have thought it could be. If a tornado warning is given, break in. If its just a thunderstorm, there is no reason.

  • joeblow

    I’m with the anchor. In our own case our Memphis stations serve a very big area, a lot of cities and towns that don’t have other coverage. There is no TV station in Brighton TN or in Ripley MS. So when severe weather is threatening those areas it’s our stations who have to cut in. They always re-air whatever got pre empted, just set your DVR or Tivo or whatever to record it at 2 AM.

  • Laura

    to those who don’t like wall to wall weather coverag turn your Tv off …quit sending nasty messages to those people who are simply doing they’re jobs..and i Tv is more important then peoples lives then maybe you need to reevaluate your own life and get in touch with god before the tornados and lightening strikes put you intouch with the guy below

  • dickgosinya1

    I see the fans of wreg are present, wreg do tend to go overboard on reporting the weather with the wall to wall coverage trying to panic people with every little storm that comes through, if there are no funnel clouds or reports of damage, what’s wrong with scrolling the warnings on the keep crying wolf people stop paying attention to them

  • Holly Cooper

    I agree with her…some people just don’t see beyond their own little universe. And yes, if it had been their home or town, they would’ve been grateful to be informed!

  • Cilla Cooper

    I agree with her. People are so fixated on silly “shows”..Maybe if they had a real life they wouldn’t have to watch fake lives on TV!! At least the weather reporter is doing something to actually try to help people during a storm..I’m very fortunate. I have a very FULL life, and the only thing I manage to get to see is the weather! lol

  • Tom maher

    Sorry folks but something as simple as an inset weather map and a scroll at the bottom is sufficient. Breaking in once during a 30 minute period for a minute or two I can see. Ten minutes of repeating here is where the weather is coming and going is being excessive. I’ve been through plenty tornados well before the advent of the wall to wall coverage and they are not fun. But the overdoing it also makes people ignore the warnings and flips to another channel or yes turn the TV off. Same negative effect. I’m not saying not to do the reporting but be judicious about it.

  • Carter

    Over-hyping a thunderstorm is the reason I quit watching news channel 3. I even considered switching to satellite if I could opt out of receiving local channels. Unfortunately, that involved a ridiculous waiver process that probably would not have helped me in the end. Anyone know how I can get the east coast feed of CBS and ditch the local station? I’ll buy a 6 pack for whoever is successful.

  • Pcarter

    The weather coverage is a big part of why I stay with WREG channel 3. I understand people’s frustration with interruption of service. Simple solution: if you feel the need, go to another channel. No drama necessary. If I didn’t like channel 3, I would not watch channel 3. I happen to like it here, so I intend to stay here.

  • Dr. Wayne M

    Television stations, like other forms of media, do things for ratings, and not public benefit. Often, it’s the same clips shown over and over again for hours at a time. It’s not useful. Luckily other stations choose to show the information at the bottom of the screen and only break-in as needed.

    These games of television news operations interupting solely for bragging rights of who had more coverage are akin to teenage boys having farting contests. They prove nothing and are a juvenile annoyance.

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