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Sea Of Blue Honors Fallen Officer

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(Memphis) A somber blue glow lit up the Memphis roadways Wednesday night.

"It’s an emotion you can’t really explain unless you’re in law enforcement," Crittenden County Sheriff’s Lt. Darrell Prewitt said.

Officers from around the region shone a light and paid tribute with the Sea of Blue procession.

"When you're family and you lose a member of the family it’s just does something to you,” Memphis Police Major Vincent Beasley said.

This night, they honored 25-year-old Michael Petrina, an officer with the Nashville Police Department.

"Even though he's not from here, he’s a brother in arms,” Beasley said.

“It brings it home that any day we put this uniform on that we may not come home at the end of the shift,” Prewitt said.

Petrina didn’t come home Saturday after working an accident on Interstate 65 in Brentwood.

He was directing traffic around an overturned pick-up when a motorhome hit him, a tragic reminder of why lawmakers passed the move-over law.

“It takes just one little accident, one second not watching and you have a tragedy,” Mason Police Officer James Hicks said.

A tragedy that brought out the Memphis community to pay their respects for the Germantown native.

"I support police officers because what would we do without them, Sarah Carpenter said.

Carpenter brought her granddaughter with her.

She came to the last sea of blue when Officer Martoya Lang was honored.

“My heart bled for those kids. They have families. Just how we have families you have to step over into other people’s shoes sometimes,” she said.

Shoes of a hero who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Funeral services for Officer Petrina will be held at our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Germantown.

Traffic control will be set up around the church starting at 8 a.m. at Poplar and Kimbrough.

If you’re driving that way, be aware you will face traffic delays getting to work or school.

The area should be clear by 1 p.m.


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    nasty comments from some, keep it to yourself. this guy was a KID
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