Firefighter Caught On Camera Parked Illegally While Shopping

(Memphis) Some are concerned about government workers abusing their authority, like firefighters and postal workers parking in no parking zones and handicapped spots.

A Memphis firefighter is in trouble for what he was captured doing on camera.

A picture of a Memphis firefighter doing some shopping is not so shocking, but it’s where his car was parked Tuesday outside Costco that outraged a fellow shopper.

The man who snapped the pics wrote WREG saying, “I was there for approximately 40 minutes…the entire time that I was in the store, there was a Memphis Fire Department SUV parked in a no parking zone.”

A Costco manager confirms there was no emergency that day and workers did notice the illegally parked car, partially blocking traffic, as a firefighter casually shopped for dog food.

Armani Moncreif, an Olive Branch resident, parked in a legal space for his trip to Costco Wednesday.

“A few times I have seen police cars, ambulances and fire fighters parking in handicapped spots just because of their title,” he said.

WREG also got an email from a viewer Tuesday who spotted a U.S. postal worker parked in a handicapped spot off Kirby Parkway.

A USPS spokesperson responded, saying, “Postal policy clearly states to park in designated spaces and obey all laws. The matter is being addressed with the employee.”

As for the firefighter spotted shopping for dog food while parked in a no parking zone, the Memphis Fire Department says the fire fighter was on his lunch break but has been reprimanded for parking illegally.

“I didn’t say anything because of their authority,” said Armani.

Like Armani, many don’t stand up to people of power doing something wrong, but the man who snapped the pics of the fire fighter in Costco forward his complaint to the mayor of Memphis.

He wrote “The behavior is an outrageous abuse of power…the firefighter should be reminded he works for the tax payer and is not above the law.”

The Memphis Fire Department says their workers are not allowed to just park in handicapped spots, but if there is an emergency, like a fire, that’s different. They use whatever space is available to save lives.


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