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Six Brothers & Their Parents Charged With Sexual Abuse

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(Perquimans County, NC) An entire family is charged with the sexual abuse of a girl for more than 10 years.

John Jackson and his wife Nita are charged with felony child abuse.

The Jackson’s six sons, ranging in age from 18-27, are charged with crimes related to rape of a child.

The brothers reportedly committed the abuse against the girl who was home schooled with them.

Investigators say the brothers were home schooled and may have low levels of intelligence, with the eldest brother barely being able to write his name.

Police say the parents were aware of the abuse but did nothing.

WTKR-TV reports one of the brothers came forward in 2012, at which time the family moved from North Carolina to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The brothers are being held under secured bonds of up to $150,000 while they await arraignment.

The parents have been released on $15,000 bond.

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  • Jessica Walker

    I knew the moment I saw homeschooled and low intelligence in the same sentence someone would stereo type. I know plenty of public school graduates who still can’t read or write higher than a 1st grade level. Not sure why it was a factor in the story except for the poor little girl was schooled with them. I think some of the things that happen in public school in a “supervised” environment can be comparable. I will let my homeschooled, Christian, daughter who graduated, with a 23 ACT and started college at 16 know she is supposed to be stupid and and weird and violent though. In the mean time I will be praying for the little girl and all involved.

  • Angie Stabler

    That’s NOT homeschooling for you!!! My son is homeschooled and I’ll bet everything I own that he is smarter than most kids his age and in his grade level…he is 12 and in 6th grade, and let me tell you I’m serious about the school thing!!!

    • Hard Truths

      Sometimes it is, though I know some homeschooling families that are some of the finest — and best-educated — people this heathen has ever known. Talented, cultured, obviously intelligent kids and parents.

      But one awful lot of evil hides behind home-schooling, nonetheless.
      It is as though the Westboro Baptist Church-type people have taken over home-schooling, on the whole.

      I’m glad this family has been caught. They exemplify a stereotype, yes — one that is more often true than not.

  • Hard Truths

    Good! Eight fewer Republican “Christian” voters this fall.

    THIS is an extreme case, but it IS the Tea Party culture personified.

    Wonder if there were more than five guns per person in the house.

  • danielle

    This is sad this little girl had to go through this, my prayers go out to her..as for homeschooling? There are many reasons why some parents have their child(ren) home-schooled, such as:.a child may be gifted/intelligent/advanced enough, a disabled child with a learning disability that might need the one on one teaching, religious beliefs-due to how society has become over the last few decades,ect. It does not mean that any child that is home-schooled is ignorant/stupid, holy roller, what ever you want to call it. Just because there are a few ” bad apples” does not mean the whole “bunch” is bad.

      • Greg

        Hmm, I don’t know if this qualifies as an intelligent comment or not.

        How has “society become over the last few decades”?

        The crime rate has dropped almost every year for the last 20 years. 30 years takes us back to the 1980s. The 1980s were the peak of violent crime rates in this country.

        Let’s be honest here; most of the people that pull their kids out of public school for “religious reasons” really just have a problem with their kids learning the life sciences (e.g. evolution, a geologically old Earth, and so on).

        I wouldn’t qualify that as an honest description.

        Now just because somebody doesn’t want their kids to learn science doesn’t mean they are child molester; I’ll grant you that. If somebody is implying that, well that’s not terribly intelligent either, imo.

  • Laura Tumminello

    It states that the parents were aware of this. If that is the case they should be charged for not reporting it and allowing it to continue to happen. If the “men” in this case actually have low IQ’s then the parents failed miserably in managing their care and failed to provide an environment where they could make safe choices. If they do have low IQ’s they should NOT be in a regular jail.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Just for the record, the parents were also charged. The bail set at $15,000 is so low they will skip out of town.

    • Kelly

      I know. I was wondering why the parents bond was so much less than the boys. It seems they are just as much as fault as them if not more. Regardless, it is a sad, sad story….

    • The Real Nonya

      It was a project on “Morals of the african american community” for black history month!

  • mother

    ok how are all you intelligent people missing the point regardless of what their IQ is or homeschooled or public or private a little girls innocence was taking and no one was their to save her or be her hero the worry should be with her your prayers should be for her. Lord, forgive us for being close minded and not loving our neighbors and taking care of your children.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Thank you for an excellent post. The girl was the one that suffered and it is doubtful she will ever get over it. Someone had to have known something but kept their mouth closed. Makes me wonder here in Memphis if people simply keep quiet afraid to get involved while another boy or girl is being abused.

      I thought the cell phones were suppose to help us keep in touch, evidently it is distracting us.

      • 1midtownmike

        What about the accused families respect and dignity Dr. JohnS ? I thought me and you had a civil rights movement working here……are they the wrong color?

  • whitesavagesareevil

    I mean the sickest most vile hideous sexual crimes as usual done by white wildebeast yea this girl has been violated in the most vile fashion. These whites are a clear danger to the peace of the world

  • whitesavagesareevil

    Mike Travis I will leave the moment u go back to the caves of Europe where you belong!

  • Gary Throneberry

    Atleast 75% of the comments on here Are from people displaying an intelligence level on par if not lower than the accused persons. Get s grip people i am a Staff Sergeant in the US Army and most days i feel rather ashamed that i lead young men into battle to risk their lives for the likes of you all. In my personal opinion it is all of you regardless ofrace religion culture. All of you consumed by the americanism at fault. You continuously use tragedies to solidify your own personal agendas. Its not about any of ypu idiots or any culture. Its about free will and right and wrong. Go do something with yourselves to make your country a better place.poor excuse for americans.

  • Chelsea starkey

    Homeschool isn’t the problem it’s the family that’s the problem because my step son was in public school in kindergarden when he should’ve been in first grade and was about to fail kindergarden again I took him out of public school put him in homeschool and he went from kindergarden level to first grade level in a week. And understood everything he had been taught so don’t blame homeschool.

  • Vera

    Im sick of all the racist comments.Jesus had hair like wool and skin the color of copper.Will the white race be able to love him!I find my self wondering this.I feel sorry for all man kind for this reason.

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