Six Brothers & Their Parents Charged With Sexual Abuse

(Perquimans County, NC) An entire family is charged with the sexual abuse of a girl for more than 10 years.

John Jackson and his wife Nita are charged with felony child abuse.

The Jackson’s six sons, ranging in age from 18-27, are charged with crimes related to rape of a child.

The brothers reportedly committed the abuse against the girl who was home schooled with them.

Investigators say the brothers were home schooled and may have low levels of intelligence, with the eldest brother barely being able to write his name.

Police say the parents were aware of the abuse but did nothing.

WTKR-TV reports one of the brothers came forward in 2012, at which time the family moved from North Carolina to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The brothers are being held under secured bonds of up to $150,000 while they await arraignment.

The parents have been released on $15,000 bond.

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