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Man Charged With Smuggling Meth On Megabus

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(Memphis) A Texas man is in the Shelby County jail after police say he tried to smuggle drugs on a Memphis Megabus.

Police say R.T. Britton had a half pound of crystal meth in his suitcase when he got off the bus in downtown Memphis.

The Organized Crime Unit was doing a surveillance operation at the MegaBus terminal off Main Street when they say one of their K-9’s named Snow uncovered the ‘ice.’

The affordable ride may have been a reason why police say a drug smuggler used it for trip into Memphis.

Detectives say Britton carried nine ounces of crystal meth on the Megabus from Dallas, Texas to the Mid-South but when he got the load unloaded he was busted.

The Organized Crime Unit might have had a tip that Britton was coming into town because they staked out the downtown terminal Monday morning and the bus driver unloaded the bags before anyone got out.

The OCU’s K-9 gave a positive alert to a black suitcase and, inside, police say they found a gallon-sized zip lock bag filled with crystal meth. They say the bag belonged to Britton.

We looked online and a Megabus ride from Dallas to Memphis takes about eight hours and costs just 22 bucks. Not bad, unless, of course, you get caught with drugs.

Britton is from Irving, TX. He’s now being held at 201 Poplar on a $200,000.


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