Food Bank Needs Help Feeding Kids This Summer

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(Memphis) There are two constants in school: homework and a warm meal. But that guarantee turns into a guessing game come summer break.

Shelley Alley of the Mid-South Food Bank said, "If you don't always have access to food in your home, it's not the exciting time childhood should be."

Kids turn to places like The Boys and Girls Club Kid's Cafe to help them find food.

Antonio Hamilton with the Porter Girls and Boys Club said, "During the school year ,we serve more than 150 kids on a daily basis. During the summertime, that number picks up."

That mid-day meal is provided by the Mid-South Food Bank.

They feed more than 2,000 kids a week, some of them through places like the Porter Boys and Girls Club, others through their backpack program.

Alley said, "It provides six meals for a kid to have over the weekend, but in the summer over the week."

Seventy percent of students in the Shelby County School system rely on free or reduced price meals during the school year. That's more than 100,000 kids.

These backpack meals cost the food shelf $7 each, and they can feed any child, even if they are homeless.

"All of the food a kid can easily open from the age of 5. It's all pop tops. Even if they don't have utilities, they can eat it straight out of the can," Alley said.

Leaders at the Boys and Girls Club say it's about more than just a meal. They want the kids to have a routine, and a place they know they can go for guidance and support

Antonio Hamilton said, "This is our chance to get them a well balanced meal, but also talk about their daily challenges and struggles they are faced with."

Recently the food bank sent 10,000 of their backpack meals to families in Tupelo after the storm, so they really need help with donations to feed these kids this summer.

Click here to donate money to the Mid-South Food Bank.


  • Sue

    It’s great the food bank sent the backpack meals to others. I am delighted to learn their budget has so much room that not only can they meet Memphis’ need but other communities as well. Congratulations on a very effective marketing campaign.

  • The Real Nonya

    Shouldn’t the parents worry about feeding their kids? We need to open a bunch of orphanages and sterilization clinics.

  • Terrie

    AUDIT THE FOOD BANK.!! Double dipping here. Sorry but don’t most kids get fed at school now? With 3 meals a day served? Sounds more like the food bank is relying on the number’s which are not right. You can’t add a number twice. The clubs mentioned feed these kids too so just where did this info come from? Are they lying to get more donations? Also wrong.
    “Mid-day meals”…why aren’t these kids in school during Mid-day getting the other free lunches?
    Are there baby’s walking in? Or are these adults coming w/them AND getting fed for FREE on their lunch hour????
    I no longer buy these sad stories. I don’t mean to sound mean but, blame the people taking advantage & stealing from the kids & people that REALLY need to eat for free.

    • Mid-South Food Bank

      Mid-South Food Bank’s Kids Cafe program has 3 locations that provide free, hot meals during the week. Only one location serves every day. Meals are served in late afternoon during the school year and switches to mid-day during the summer. The Food for Kids BackPack program gives children a backpack filled with wholesome food to take home for the weekend when other resources including school meals, Kids Cafe meals or Summer Food Service Programs are not available. These programs are supported by donations to the Food Bank. Kids Cafe is for children only. If a parent is a volunteer who helps prepare, serve and clean up, they are allowed to eat along with other volunteers who are recruited by the Food Bank. Both programs are carefully monitored. All participants meet strict need-based criteria.

  • Tom

    AND your website does not work either. You can’t establish a website for the public to gather more info if it doesn’t let you.
    Yet another lie!

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