Woman Says Contractors Took Her Money Before They Finished The Work

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(Memphis) A woman reportedly paid thousands to get her North Memphis home rebuilt after a fire, but said the contractors took the cash and didn't finish the work.

"They said they could fix the house up," Catherine Bailey said.

Bailey said it was empty promises.

Electrical problems caused her house to catch fire two years ago.

She and her insurance company vetted Economy Builders out of Memphis, but now say not well enough.

She sent the company $20,000 to rebuild her home.

"The problem is they never finished the house," said Bailey. "The work was supposed to be completed a year ago."

Bailey said Economy Builders stopped working on it without any explanation or phone calls.

WREG tried to get an answer. We called the number on her contract several times, but no one returned our calls.

Neighbors said last week was the first time they saw people outside the home since December.

"I saw some guys in the driveway last week, but wouldn't know if they were workers or destroyers," said Patrice Ingram, who lives across the street.

Ingram said the wrought-iron bars, copper wiring, and air conditioning unit are all missing.

Bailey said police are now looking for the thieves after she filed a police report.

"I tried to get the insurance company to secure the property, but they say it's up to the person doing the work to secure the property," said Bailey.

Bailey said she was raised in the home, so she's not giving up on her pride and joy.

"I want them to finish my house," she said.

Bailey filed a law suit against the company, and she's still waiting to hear back on why they haven't finished the home.


  • gary

    Never give them all the money at one time ,give them so much each phase of construction .Man how stupid can one be to give someone all that money in advance and not check on the progress ? Stupid isn’t the word .

  • TheLevelHead

    Here’s another tip, … never do business with a contractor who knocks on your door looking for work, … or these clowns who somwhow incorporate the word “Christian” in their business name or literature.

  • NCOWife2isaCUNT

    Here is a clue
    Don’t pay them more than half until they finish. You get want you ask for. Look
    At that change you got when you voted that D bag from Kenya.

    • Dr. JohnS

      By any chance do you have any self respect? I am assuming the D from Kenya is our president. Not sure how he got the contracting job since that is not his area of expertise. Since he is our president he does deserve respect for the office.

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