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Teen Charged With Abuse Of Corpse Will Graduate

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(Forrest City, AR) A Palestine High School senior, who was charged today with abuse of a corpse, will graduate Tuesday.

Rebekah Simpson, 18, was charged after her stillborn baby, wrapped in a blanket, was found after being left in a closet overnight.

Bond was posted for Simpson and she was released and will graduate Tuesday.

Simpson will go before a judge Wednesday to see if she will need to be held in jail.

Sheriff Bobby May said Simpson showed up at the ER bleeding last week, but kept insisting she had not given birth at home.

May said doctors found that to be a lie, and after finding the baby, learned even more.

“The baby was born dead, that’s not to say if she had proper medical supervision the baby might have lived,” said Sheriff May.

Simpson’s mother is an animal control officer for a neighboring police department.

The sheriff said all eyes are on this family, and questioned why no one apparently sought help.

“Someone had to know and certainly she knew. We’re not through investing this crime yet, and it is a crime,” said May. More charges could be filed, according to the sheriff.


  • browning

    you promote abortion then jail a gal for a stillborn ? those dotz dont connect. stillborn is natural, abortion is murder

  • anonymous

    The baby wasn’t stillborn. She knew she was pregnant and she knew what she was doing when she put the baby in her closet. Some babies when they are born need to be stimulated to breathe. If the idiot would have stimulated breathing, the baby would’ve been alive. She deserves jail time and lots of it. Let justice be served for that poor baby!!

    • Dr. JohnS

      I think you are making assumptions that are not correct. I think a doctor is capable of telling whether a baby is still born or was not properly given birth. Many women have still born children, for the sake of the mother the doctor will let her give birth. Depending on how long the fetus was dead determines how much of it was attacked by the mothers body.

  • Claudia McElya

    They need to report this properly Forrest City has a bad enough name as it is without it getting pinned with Palestine’s drama. This happened in Palestine NOT Forrest City get it right!

  • Martin knapp

    The father who made her pregnant should face jail time for the death of the baby after all he wanted to see,feel and touch the body of a woman,he should take responsibility for his action.

  • nickie

    I know the girl and the baby was still born she was scared she didn’t know what to do. I know that she don’t need jail time.

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