Accused Waffle House shooter in Nashville Police custody

Sheriff’s Deputies Turn To Social Media To Crack Case

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(Memphis) Shelby County Sheriff's deputies say they caught two suspects on camera at Collierville High School, but they have yet to catch them in real life.

Security video shows a man and a woman breaking into the school, and the Sheriff's Office thinks they vandalized cars waiting to be fixed at the student-run auto body shop last week.

Chip Washington of the Shelby County Sheriff's Office said they saw, "Some graffiti, some spray painting, breaking into the cars, busting the windows and taking a few personal items here and there."

But investigators are more concerned about the fact they came onto school grounds after hours. They say this is a sanctuary, not a place for sneaky behavior. Now they are turning to Facebook and Instagram to find out who these criminals are.

Brandon Fielding says he's following the posts online.

"I just saw pictures of maybe an older dude - he seemed like he might've already graduated - and some girl."

Deputies hope if these faces get seen by enough people, someone will identify them.

Washington added, "In Memphis you either know someone or you know someone who knows someone or you're related to them. Social media is the preferred form of communication for mostly everyone."

Fielding agreed, saying,  "It shouldn't be a problem. They will be caught pretty quick. Because everyone has social media."

If you recognize these people, call Sgt. Keaton at 901-568-5645.


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