Ricin Suspect Curtis Steps Into Spotlight In Documentary, Concert

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(Oxford, MS) The sounds of "All my love, all my kisses" were heard echoing throughout Oxford's Lyric Theatre this week.

Kevin Curtis sure wasn’t getting any love a year ago, when the FBI arrested him for sending ricin-laced letters to President Obama and others.

But now he’s a free man, and rehearsing for a Thursday concert at the Lyric.

”I think it’s gonna add some certainty to…people’s gonna know this guy did not do it."

The concert is part of a documentary, directed by a former newspaper reporter who covered the ricin case, which ended up with another man behind bars and Curtis set free.

”I worked in movies on the side so actually documentary is a lot closer to my
journalism side than the narrative stuff I used to do,” said documentary director Melanie Addington.

The characters in the ricin story seemed irresistible to Hollywood producers.

"Melanie and I were having lunch one day, it was the day he was released. We were talking about all the crazy characters in the story,” producer Hudson Hickman said.

Curtis’ rival, James Everett Dutschke, ended up charged with the crimes.

The Lyric Theatre sits just a block from Oxford Federal Court, and, for a time, both Curtis and Dutschke were to appear within hours of each other with just a block separating them.

But federal officials quickly moved up Dutschke’s sentencing to Tuesday in Aberdeen, more than an hour away.

Still, the irony isn’t lost on Curtis.

”I’m practicing and he’s probably eating grits and biscuits, so the irony is outrageous."

And it doesn’t surprise anyone who knows the background between the two men.

”Dutschke and Curtis have always had a history of picking on each other,” said Hillary Houston of HottyToddy.com.

Curtis said the case still hurts him since many people don’t know his name has been cleared.

He hopes his comeback gets that word out.

”I think this documentary is gonna kick off things in a new direction and I’m excited about it."

Excited about a new beginning with a clean slate.