Graduation Takes Place At Hospital Bedside To Fulfill Mom’s Wish


(Glen Burnie, MD) Darlene Sugg, who has fought cancer for four years, made her daughter Megan promise she would graduate from high school no matter what.

Megan fulfilled that promise with a hospital bedside graduation service.

Darlene Sugg was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in November 2010 when she was 44. She went into remission for about a year, but the cancer metastasized to her liver.

With help from her school, Megan in full graduation gear, received her diploma from her principal as her mother proudly watched.

“I was happy my mom got to see, but at the same time it was hard,” Megan told the Maryland Gazette.

The next day, she visited her mother wearing the gown in which she would attend prom.

Just three days after the graduation ceremony, Darlene Sugg passed away.

Megan said she will never forget making her mother proud one last time, “I was glad mom got to see me graduate, but I was sad to know that was the last moment I’m going to have with her.”

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