DNA Technology Allows Neighbors To Test Dog Doo

(Memphis) It’s hard not to love a new pet, but the Smith family’s new puppy George may get a little more expensive.

“I have vet bills to pay. I’m a single mom. How am I going to afford to have George’s poo poo DNA tested?” Elizabeth Smith asked .

It’s called Poo Prints. You stick a Q-tip in your dog’s mouth, capturing DNA. You then mail it to the lab, and you’re done.

When a neighbor finds Fido leaving a little gift, they send a sample in.

The lab matches the DNA in the sample to your pet, and you would then be slapped with the cost of the test plus a fine.

“It’s neat we can do it, but just because it is possible doesn’t mean it needs to happen,” said resident Aaron Boatright.

People at one East Memphis condo community are considering Poo Prints to help find who is behind those number twos.

“There are times and spots where yes, we notice a problem,” said Julie Fletcher.

Board members said residents actually came up with the idea and presented it to them. They say cost will likely keep it away, but say pet waste has become an issue.

The board hasn’t formally considered whether to adopt the plan just yet.


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