Former Ole Miss Player Gets Backlash For Tweet About Michael Sam Kiss

(WREG-TV) When Michael Sam became the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL, video showed him reacting emotionally and then kissing his boyfriend.

Sam went to the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round Saturday.

Some cheered, some didn't care and others were not approving.

Former Ole Miss basketball player Marshall Henderson, who is not playing anywhere right now, also caused a stir.

Henderson tweeted, "Boycotting sportscenter til this michael sam nast a** shi* is off... My brothers are 7 and 11 and saw that!!! #Sickening."

”Marshall is always controversial. He was even controversial as a basketball player,” said editor Andy Knef.

Henderson was known as the SEC’s bad boy of basketball, always outspoken and controversial with convictions for drugs and passing counterfeit bills in his past.

Henderson’s controversial comments are nothing new at Ole Miss, which moved quickly to put some distance between itself and its former basketball player.

Ole Miss Athletic Director Ross Bjork made it clear the University does not condone Henderson’s remarks.

Adam Brown, sports editor at said people should have expected it, ”This is just typical Marshall Henderson."

Henderson tried to explain his tweet by saying he did it to help a gay best friend’s psychology project.

Most people didn’t seem to buy that, as reaction kept pouring in.

”A lot of people are pro-Marshall and they agree with that. But a lot of people think the Michael Sam case is good for the NFL, good for football,” said Knef.

Most seem to think though, the comments aren’t so good for the reputation of Marshall Henderson.


  • Joe

    The media doesn’t understand that real Christians still exists and those Christians actually appreciate family values on family networks. The media isn’t open-minded enough for that.

    • blahblabh

      “real” christians? if you “real” christians are such “good” people then you wouldn’t watch any of these ball sports since they are full of thugs, wife beaters, and cheaters. “Real” christians are usually real hyprocrites.

  • langor1

    I find it repugnant and that is my opinion, it is just a valid as anyone else’s opinion, but no better than anyone else’s. If you find the behavior acceptable that is your opinion, but that in no way invalidates my opinion and is no better than my own.

    • Otter

      He kissed his partner, who cares? People like you who get worked up about it are the only reason why these stories get so much attention. Kissing another man doesn’t even hold a candle to some of the things that many other NFL players have done and they’re still playing football.

    • blahblabh

      Oh, but remember, WE ARE ALL made in Gods image. Even Steve. Hahahahaha..keep up and that talking snake is gonna get you.

    • blahblabh

      You people, yep I said you people, need to worry about your thug on thug crime instead of man on man love.

  • Wake Up

    What a classless loser. He knew he wouldn’t get drafted without the homo thing. Now he rubs it in our face.



    • Marian Huey Taylor

      CHRISTIAN and LESBIAN? Mutually exclusive.

      Everyone talks about this man’s “right” to parade his disgusting perversion before the world and the media panders to him and his kind, trying to convince everyone that this poisonous lifestyle is “normal”. Well, what about MY right not to have this filth in my face when I turn on either my TV or my computer? This is sickening.

      • mr matt

        tell me about it, because of some of the recent stuff with espn and the nba this 25 year sports fan is ready to take a personal boycott. the media does this but people with morals can use this to expose them. im pissed off because much like mtv used to be about the music and now it has a sickening agenda and it is what it is now,espn used to be about the sports and now sportscenter is a bunch of 5 second clips of games,10 minutes about the big game,10 minutes about tomorrows big game and more than a half hour of BUUUUUUUUUUU SHIZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.I will miss sports but it could help because it hits them in the walet and ratings

        BOYCOTT SPORTS FOR AMERICA!!! who is with me

  • Free Thinker

    Bigotry sanctioned by religion is still bigotry. This is one of the reasons religion is experiencing a falling out and a drop in numbers. Keep it up and it’ll be dead soon.

  • Julius Warren

    Personally, (1) I’m appalled @- his public display of communicating to the World & Impressionable Children that, religiously (a) watch, follow and idolizes sports figures. Thus, into accepting Sam’s actions of promoting homosexual acts of kissing, licking and transference of cake back and forth from the mouth of his guy lover- as- to be acceptable, behavior?! Especially , when not only does it tear down (1) the normal moral fiber of procreation! But, (2) oppose Gods Laws/Commandments…regarding the damnation of homosexuality! Thus, if- homosexual activity- is his preference. Then, go
    and privately swing from the chandelier, if that’s his choices, but, don’t force it down my throat nor expose small impressionable children and/or the world too his perversion…via, social media! Sports is designed to promote competitive sports, and not unacceptable homosexual activity as acceptable!

    • Otter

      He kissed his partner, who really cares? Does this affect you? No, it doesn’t. And by the way, if you’re worried about impressionable kids you should turn off sports all together. Because if a male player kissing his partner, who just so happens to be a man, is the worst thing that your child can see/hear about from an NFL player then you are lucky.

  • this city is a joke

    Everyone deserves to be respected. Truth be told we are all in trouble and were all born/inherited sin. Whats sad though is the media and some people at large is shoving this mess down our throats. Two wrongs dont ever make a right. Isnt it written……wrongs will become right and rights will become wrong. If you call yourself a true Christian then u live your life the way you were taught. Everything else is secondary. We cant judge…live and let live on BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE. We are in trouble people BIG TIME

  • Johnissmokinonkingwillieswillie

    Blahblabh you should learn how to spell and we will be happier you idiot pole smoker.

  • David

    Freedom of Speech protects you from the government prosecuting you. You still have to deal with repercussions from what you say from other areas. His employer is well within their rights to fine and suspend him. They could even fire him and cite violation of company policy.

  • dave

    Considering your portrayal of yourself as a god fearing woman, I would assume that you agree with the bible that all human life originated from the middle east. Thats means your a little late on that whole mixing races thing.

  • elizabeth lemaire

    you or anyone else has the right to judge him…..god did say that man should be with a woman and woman with a man but we are all human and only god can judge us and for your fyi you show me where in the BIBLE were it says you should not mix races

  • John

    Shouldn’t you protesting at a dead soldier’s funeral with your Westboro Baptist Church buddies?

  • dave

    So your saying that private employers have the right to fine their employees for free speach? What if an employeer fined their employee for making a pro gays rights speech? Is it still ok for private businesses to restrict freedom of speech?

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