Grandfather Found Murdered, Still Hooked Up To Oxygen Tank

(Memphis) Police are looking for the person who killed a 65-year-old man inside his Hickory Hill home just days before he was to walk his sister down the aisle for her wedding.

Friends said shell casings lined a hallway, leading to Henry Hammond who was on the ground, still hooked up to his oxygen tank.

Police originally ruled Hammond’s death a suicide. It happened Thursday in the 3000 block of Station Way.

A memorial sits in front of the home.

The news has been hard for friends to grasp.

“We loved him so much. It is hurting everybody,” said Daryl Moore. “It was a senseless murder. A senseless killing. They shot him four times. He can’t even move to go to the bathroom. There was nothing he could do to them for that to happen.”

Moore was one of the first at the scene.

He couldn’t believe police thought it was a suicide.

“I don’t know why they thought it was self-inflicted. Shell cases were at the door,” said Moore.

We asked MPD what changed their minds, and why they are now ruling it a homicide. They never responded.

“It is devastating to see this happen to an older guy on oxygen, and he tries to help people out in the neighborhood,” said Moore.

Moore thinks Hammond was robbed, because he helped people in the neighborhood by lending money to those in need.

He thinks someone tried to take advantage of that.

“He was like a granddad to everybody. That person you could come to, and you know, he’ll give it you. That was how he was,” said Moore.

Hammond had three daughters and was a proud grandfather.

He wasn’t working because of kidney problems, but he used to be a contractor. He helped build the stables at Graceland.

His friends said Hammond couldn’t wait for his sister’s wedding.

“He was going to walk his sister down the aisle. She was renewing her wedding vows this weekend,” said Moore.

Neighbors told WREG that police questioned a 19-year-old man who lives in the neighborhood, but he was never charged.

Police would not confirm that, telling us they do not have a suspect.


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