4 killed by naked gunman in Nashville Waffle House

Grandfather Found Murdered, Still Hooked Up To Oxygen Tank

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(Memphis) Police are looking for the person who killed a 65-year-old man inside his Hickory Hill home just days before he was to walk his sister down the aisle for her wedding.

Friends said shell casings lined a hallway, leading to Henry Hammond who was on the ground, still hooked up to his oxygen tank.

Police originally ruled Hammond's death a suicide. It happened Thursday in the 3000 block of Station Way.

A memorial sits in front of the home.

The news has been hard for friends to grasp.

"We loved him so much. It is hurting everybody," said Daryl Moore. "It was a senseless murder. A senseless killing. They shot him four times. He can't even move to go to the bathroom. There was nothing he could do to them for that to happen."

Moore was one of the first at the scene.

He couldn't believe police thought it was a suicide.

"I don't know why they thought it was self-inflicted. Shell cases were at the door," said Moore.

We asked MPD what changed their minds, and why they are now ruling it a homicide. They never responded.

"It is devastating to see this happen to an older guy on oxygen, and he tries to help people out in the neighborhood," said Moore.

Moore thinks Hammond was robbed, because he helped people in the neighborhood by lending money to those in need.

He thinks someone tried to take advantage of that.

"He was like a granddad to everybody. That person you could come to, and you know, he'll give it you. That was how he was," said Moore.

Hammond had three daughters and was a proud grandfather.

He wasn't working because of kidney problems, but he used to be a contractor. He helped build the stables at Graceland.

His friends said Hammond couldn't wait for his sister's wedding.

"He was going to walk his sister down the aisle. She was renewing her wedding vows this weekend," said Moore.

Neighbors told WREG that police questioned a 19-year-old man who lives in the neighborhood, but he was never charged.

Police would not confirm that, telling us they do not have a suspect.


    • Dr. JohnS

      I find your comment out of line. We are all ignorant about things in life, the universe and even ourselves. It is impossible to know everything. The problem comes in when we would rather live with our ignorance than to seek knowledge. The man was asking a question because he wanted to learn.

      I am not going to assume you know everything and there is much you are ignorant about.

    • LaTerrica

      Me and my five kids stay at Hickory Hill and aint had not one problem so dont be goin stiring hate Secion 8 housing are great for us single moms

      • I'm a realist

        You stay classy LaTerrica! I hope your kids get a better education somewhere than you did, or rather, didn’t…

  • I'm a realist

    “He was going to walk his SITER down the ISLE.” You don’t say? Can WREG not hire an editor or do they just have an incompetent one? Proofread your articles; the amount of grammatical errors that I see here daily are ridiculous. Is LaTerrica “aint had not one problem” writing/editing these stories? Get it together!

    As for the story, this is just more reason that these ghettos and section 8 housing areas need to be gentrified. For the “gentrification is an abuse of civil liberties” proponents out there: you must first be civil to have civil liberties/rights and all too many of the thugs and crackheads in these areas are far from civil beings. You don’t hear about this nonsense happening daily in Collierville or on the Island or other similar locations. Wonder why? Hm. . .

  • evette

    First of all readers….I dont think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out “LaTerrica” is not the person who the troll is trying to make you think she is. Therefore you are wasting your time replying to it.
    Shooting someone in a wheelchair is so crazy. And how could they have ever thought it was suicide….he was shot 4 times?

    • I'm a realist

      What makes you think LaTerrica isn’t the person we think she is? Are you implying that it is someone being facetious? I have no trouble believing that her & her comment are 100% real & meant to be taken literally. Are you new to the area or something? What fuels your disbelief of such a statement? This is Memphrica where poorly written (spoken), pro-ghetto comments abound in sad regularity.

      • evette

        That’s exactly what I’m implying. And I’m very familiar with Memphis, are you familiar with this site? “LaTerrica” is always posting outrageous comments. If she is as hood, illiterate, and ghetto as she wants us to believe why is she on this site and not watching Jerry Springer…..even though this site is pretty ghetto?
        All I know is a lot of characters straight out of Deliverance are on here everyday…and I wouldnt put it past them….maybe its you.

      • I'm a realist

        Sorry, Evette, but it certainly is not me; I wouldn’t post such ignorant comments as that posted by LaTerrica.

      • Dr. JohnS

        Your comment makes you sound more like a racist than a realist. There are good people who come from section 8 housing. There are bad people who come out of Collierville, Germantown and Mud Island. Where ones lives does not make them who they are.

        What makes them to succeed is good self respect and self esteem. Presidents have come from rotten neighborhoods, poor, etc.but they rose about the situation to become great leaders.

  • NewsRoomIdiot

    Pitiful, … Affirmative Action at work in the newsroom. If a spellchecker doesn’t kick it out because of misspelling, these idiots simply have no idea.

  • AmazingIdiots

    Police originally ruled Hammond’s death a suicide.

    They shot him four times. He can’t even move to go to the bathroom. There was nothing he could do to them for that to happen.”

    Really gives one confidence in the MPD, huh???

  • Sportzfanz

    I remember when I first moved to Memphis, and this black girl asked
    “where do you stays?” I said “excuse me?” Ha! This went on back and
    forth about three times. Finally she said “where do you live?”
    Do they say “stays” because they will only be there for a short time
    or what? That was 30 years ago, but I’ll never forget it!

    • I'm a realist

      This has always baffled me, as well. It’s not just a Memphis thing, though; it seems to be a “hood” thing.

      • Dr. JohnS

        Maybe I can help with your question. Unfortunately or fortunately, I asked a girl where she lived. She said, “I stays at…” I want to know where you live. “I stays at ….” She saw my frustration and said, I stays where every my mothers new boyfriend lives.

        I was sorry I pushed it, the young girl was hurt because she never really had a place to call home. She only had temporary shelter at one place till her mother boyfriend found a younger woman or what ever reason.

        It still haunts me to this day. Children need permanent places where they feel safe and not have to worry about where they will bed done tomorrow night.

        No, it is not a just a hood thing as you suggest. It is not just a certain race that it happens to. Women are looking for love, where ever they can find it. The love they never received from their parents.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      Sportzfanz, iv lived in memphis on and off(more on that off) since late 97. I wondered the same thing at 1st but now its just the norm for me or my son tp ask a friend where do they STAY!!!! Just the memphis way of asking where do u live

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      Sportzfanz I also wish we lived here 30 yrs ago…watch this city grow. When my ex moved us to cordova back then we were told Gtown pkwy was.only 2 lane the previous yr. In fact, I wish my kids had grown up here. Youngest has now lived here 17 yrs. He can now say hes from here!(:))

  • Wake Up

    If he was a 17 y/o thug getting capped because he was beating whitey up it’d be national news. Yawn… Nothing to see here.

    • Dr. JohnS

      That was totally uncalled for. It is doubtful you know the family and you find it easy just to throw racist hatred toward people. I am sorry your mother did not love you, but go see a therapist and not take it out on every one.

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