Two Men Found Shot & Burned In SUV

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(Marshall County) Investigators are on the hunt for whoever murdered two men and left their bodies in an abandoned SUV.

Detectives say the two men were shot to death.

“It's a sad case that individuals endured what we seen in this vehicle.  The worst part is yet to come by notifying the families,” said Major Kelly McMillan with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department.

Shooting the men several times isn't the only way the men were violated.

“Whoever the suspect is in this case tried to burn the remains of the two individuals,” said McMillan.

The SUV was found in a wooded lot on Smith Grove Road in Holly Springs.

There are homes just yards away.

"It looks like they were in a hurry. They probably didn't plan it well,” said McMillan.

McMillan said the cover up flames didn't spread far inside the car.

He's hoping there's something inside the vehicle to tell detectives just who would do something so horrific and heinous.

“We have two individuals who lost their lives. Hopefully we get the individuals responsible for this, maybe justice will help relieve some of the pain the families are going to endure,” said McMillan.

So far the two men have not been identified.

If you know anything, call the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department at 662-252-1311.


  • mr matt

    marshall county is a popular dumping grounds for these killers, anybody remember that lady that got chopped up in raleigh by the dude and dumped in the coldwater river. i think he was molesting the daughter and made her help sick

  • None Ya Bid Ness

    Memphis is spilling over! 200 less cops should help this dumping problem out in Marshal County. With no cops on the street the gangsters don’t need to leave Memphis!

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