What Climate Change Means For The Mid-South

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(WREG-TV) A new report from the White House this week blames all the extreme weather we're having on climate change.

It also says things are only going to get worse, if we don't tackle the issue now.

We wanted to know what that means for the Mid-South, so Jim Belles, who heads the National Weather Service office in Memphis, joined us on Live at 9 to explain.


  • Real Scientists are Skeptical About Everything

    And, in news you won’t read here…A new paper has been written that indicates that climate sensitivity to a doubling of carbon dioxide is about 35% less than the latest IPCC report. So, by 2060, temperatures MIGHT rise by 0.65C.

    The greatest part is that some of the authors on the paper were also authors of the IPCC report. That means that the 97% consensus is beginning to fall apart.

    Countries in the lead on renewable energy (Germany, for instance) are already pulling back from wind and solar targets. Yet, our President is full speed ahead.

    Oh, and global sea ice is currently 1,050,000 square kilometers (about 400,000 square miles) above normal.

  • luvbreamfishin'

    This is all a scam to get more money from people in TAXES,CARBON CREDITS,and HIGHER prices at the pump. The Marxist agenda here is to control the people by using false and fraudulent claims to scare into submission.

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