Dead Baby Found In Teen’s Closet

(Forrest City, AR) An arrest warrant has been issued for an 18-year old Palestine High School student.

The St. Francis County Sheriff said the teen had a stillborn baby, wrapped the child in a blanket, and left it in the closet overnight and part of the next day, while she went to school.

“It‘s a low down person to do a baby like that and justice needs to be done to her like they did to that baby,” said a neighbor who didn’t want to be identified.

Sheriff Bobby May said the teen showed up at the ER bleeding, but kept insisting she had not given birth at home.

May said doctors found that to be a lie, and after finding the baby, learned even more.

“The baby was born dead, that‘s not to say if she had proper medical supervision the baby might have lived,” said Sheriff May.

The teen’s mother is an animal control officer for a neighboring police department.

The sheriff said all eyes are on this family, and why no one apparently sought help.

“Someone had to know and certainly she knew, we‘re not through investing this crime yet and it is a crime,” said May.

The sheriff expects to make that arrest Monday and says there may be more charges in this case.


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