Puppies Used By Man Approaching Elementary Students

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(Memphis) Parents in North Memphis are on alert after the Wells Station School sent home a letter warning them about a suspicious man approaching kids on their way to school.

Parents, however, say they are frustrated by what the letter leaves out.

Kareem Cooper brings his daughter lunch every day, but today he came with questions for the principal.

“I just went and asked if they had a description of him weight, height, race anything like that. So we would know what to look for his parents. They have no description all they have is that he has puppies with him, said Cooper.”

He said these days you cannot take anything lightly and parents need to look out for all of these kids.

Cooper appreciated the heads up from the school, but said parents need more information.

Mandy Nix lives across the street from the school and is always keeping an eye out, even though her kids are not in school yet.

Nix told us it is the communities responsibility to be alert, “There are times I see kids walking I want another walking to make sure they get there safely I was to see someone approach them just myself here make sure they were okay.”

Parents we spoke with were not comfortable letting their kids walk to school.

They tell them to stay in sight of security guards and teachers until it is time to go home.

Kareem Cooper added, “I just talked to my daughter right now. I told her after school you come out, you look for me your uncle your sister or your auntie and be careful. Get in the car and go home that‘s all I can do.”

Police have been patrolling the area since the report came in, but so far they do not have any description of him other than the fact he was walking with a dog.


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