Mid-South Congressman Says Some Washington Colleagues Are Racists

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(Memphis) Call it a political double down on racial remarks.

Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson's comments on a new Nation of Islam webcast some call inflammatory.

Thompson recently phoned into the program saying alleged criticism and disrespect of President Obama is simply based on the color of his skin.

"I've been in Washington and seen three presidents now. I've never saw George Bush treated like this. I never saw Bill Clinton treated like this and with such disrespect," Thompson said.

Many however point to numerous incidents where both of those presidents were called names, burned in effigy and made the butt of many jokes.

The Second District Democrat denigrated Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and opponents of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare in general as "racists."

"Mitch McConnel had the audacity to tell the President of the United States, not just the chief executive, but the commander-in-chief, that I don't care what you come up with we are going to be against. Now if that's not a racist statement, I don't know what is," Thompson said.

Thompson's comments don't stop there.

He also took aim at Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant for turning down millions in dollars in Medicaid funds Thompson thinks would benefit the state..

"But he turned down resources that could help his citizens, who are documented with some of the worst health care conditions known to man, just because a black man created it," Thompson said.

Governor Bryant is firing back.

In an email to WREG, the governor said quote, "we are working hard to overcome the devastating effects of the April tornadoes. It is disappointing to see a United States congressman make inflammatory remarks that only serve to divide people at a time when we should all be working together to recover.'

Joe Nosef is the state chairman of the Mississippi republican party, "I'm from the Delta, Clarksdale, his district. So, it was particularly disappointing to me."

Nosef calls Thompson's comments unfortunate.

"The issues being argued today really don't have anything to do with race. What they have to do with is a disagreement with policy and politics. I don't know what his motivations were, but I sure wish he hadn't said it, " Nosef said.

The Thompson criticism isn't just limited to one race.

He also had harsh words for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a black conservative.

"There's Uncle Tom Clarence Thomas. When I look at his decisions he`s been a part of, it's almost to the point where he doesn't like black people or doesn't like being black because every decision where color has something to do with it, he went against it," Thompson said.

While others call his words divisive and hurtful as America continues the ongoing debate over race and racism, Thompson is not backing down.

WREG did try contacting Congressman Thompson, but our calls were not returned.



    • NCOWife2

      The colored vote? If I didn’t know any better (which I do), this would prove my friends correct…that Southern whites are ignorant and uneducated.

      P.S. Those friends are white and begged me not to relocate back to the South because of people like you.

      • Dr. JohnS

        Please do not give up, I am so sick and tired of the racism and bigotry that is shown in these posts. They do not even believe science when DNA shows all people in the world came from one woman in the Africa. I will not give up the fight till they are gone. I want people who read the post to realize we are not all dumb, stupid racist.

    • Dr. JohnS

      I do not know what world you live in, but that is not what I have found to be true. Only dumb, stupid people who have lost respect in themselves are racist. People like you who have no self respect try to tear others down.

  • Paul Fischer

    So is this congressman a democrat or a Republican since it wasn’t listed in the story? If the media leaves off the political affilation it becomes obvious that their a democrat.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Paul, I do not know abut you, but it matters not to me what skin color or political affiliation he belongs to. He is a man who deserves respect for being who he is.

      When any of us loses self respect then we seek others to tear down to make us feel better.

    • Dr. JohnS

      I see no reason why the lady has to answer to a little child like you or mike.

      I hope you get gain your self respect back so you can stop degrading others to make you seem bigger.

  • NCOWife2

    BTW…if anything I posted is censored; yet, this racist gibberish is allowed to be spewed daily, it WILL be sent to my contacts on the national level TODAY! I am sick of this mess and I have copied the entire thread and others.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Please do what ever it takes. Do not bother to write to the editor it does no good. I try to give a new perspective so no one will think we all think the same. My father and grandfather taught me to respect all people. It does not sit well with me for low lifes hiding behind a computer to speak ill of anyone.

  • sickofmemphis

    NCOWife – Dont even bother. First, you are arguing with one of the biggest trolls on here. I mean, look at his screen name. Seriously, he/she has the maturity of a child. Secondly, WREG promotes this type of comment. Numerous complaints have been filed, but they do nothing about it. I wouldnt be surprised if half the comments on this board come from their own employees. Just go to a different Memphis news site, as they actually monitor their comments (and have journalist who actually use correct grammar and spelling). I feel your pain. I moved here from the north (I’m white) and am appalled at the filth spewed from both sides of the racist fence. You have people on here with the name like “Groid”, who only posts “Avoid the Groid” on articles about a black people who have been arrested, and then a guy call “whitesavagesstink” who rants about how all whites are pedophiles…and on and on…Its why the tax base is leaving Memphis, myself included.

    • Dr. JohnS

      I moved here from Chicago, I never experienced anything like this. I do not understand why a reputable station would tolerate it. I read WREG because it does carry stories the other 3 do not. I stopped reading the posts because I was so upset afterward. I would write to the editor and they would delete my post which tried to show that not all who are in Memphis are the same.

      I am at the point of painting a sign and go to the studio and stand outside and declare them racist for their actions. I just do not understand it. I have doctors from different nationalities and races and they are the best. I have never had a black person try to disrespect me. I guess they have better self respect and self esteem than the children who post on here.

      • NCOWife2

        File an FCC complaint AND their is another agency that I won’t mention that is currently monitoring. Hopefully, they will soon have every IP address, particularly those that a violent and disturbing pseudonyms about children. Thanks to a particular troll, yesterday, a very serious line was crossed.

  • mr matt

    he reconizes that he gets a lot of slack for being black yet he doesnt reconize that he got voted in cuz he is black…he is calling a nation of islam show…he is a race baiter. can someone please tell me what the C means in naacp? exactly GO BACK NORTH I DONT BLAME YOU BECAUSE THE LEVEL OF INTELLIGENCE DOWN HE IS LOWER THAN A _______insert word here

    • Dr. JohnS

      matt, just what have you done for your country? What have you done for Memphis you call home? When you gain some self-respect then you will not have to tear others down because you feel so small.

    • Dr. JohnS

      You never asked me about my diplomas, so I am guessing you do not have your certificate where you finished elementary school.

  • Dave

    Whats funny is he makes the claim that all objections to pres obama are race realated, but he’s mad that justice thomas didnt always make decisions based on race. He called the man an uncle tom for being conservative. It’s as if all blk people have to think, act & vote the same way, or they’re not blk. This attitude is why memphis will never change

  • Sportzfanz

    Dr. JohnS – when I first moved here, I thought the way you do.
    Not anymore! You have a lot to learn!

  • NCOWife2isaCUNT

    John S you should go back to Chicago cuz you don’t have a clue with your High school diploma.

  • NCOWife2isaCUNT

    NCOWife2 I’m going to report you to the DOD. I have a hookup. Two can play your Black game. To the Snowbeast dude, hopefully you will hang out with Jeffry Dahmers cousin.

  • NCOWifeSuxAlSharptonsTootsieRoll

    Report me too NCOWife, oh wait I’m posting from another country using an IP address from another country that DOESNT GIVE A FLIP ABOUT YOUR ENTITLED BEHIND!!

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Bottom line, the truth hurts, but only those who refuse to accept that this country is loaded with racist much like the ones posting here. Mitch McConnell, Mr. Issa, and others have displayed nothing but disrespect for president Obama from day one. What must it be like to want to pull people together when there are so many who would rather see it pulled apart just because it is a black president who is trying to do it. It is my wish that before this president leaves office he has a chance to finally show his “COLORED” side.

  • Sportzfanz

    I have seen first hand how much hatred and rage the blacks have
    against whites in this city! Not a pretty site!

  • Sportzfanz

    Oops… Sight not site. I wouldn’t want some people on here thinking I
    didn’t go to school LOL

  • Hard Truths

    The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

    What Congressman Thompson said about Mississippi politics is SO true.

  • lovememphis

    I will be so glad when Obama is out of office. Since he was elected the black people think they own this country. I am so tired of all this racial BS. I feel that he will be the last black president this country will see. The blacks in the Memphis are the worse I have seen. If you people think you have it bad here, then go to Africa where the five most dangerous countries in the world are and see how long you last.

  • Don

    “I’ve been in Washington and seen three presidents now. I’ve never saw George Bush treated like this. I never saw Bill Clinton treated like this and with such disrespect,

    Think about it, Obama is the only one to try and break the United States, No raciest about it. If he had loved the country He maybe would be Okay.

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