MATA Bus Ends Up On I-40 Concrete Median

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(Memphis) Crews had to remove a MATA bus from I-40, blocking all lanes of traffic Friday morning.

The bus, which was occupied by the driver and two passengers, became stuck on top of the concrete median along I-40 during a crash.

The crash happened around 6:10 a.m. in the eastbound lanes of I-40 near the Austin Peay exit.

At least one other vehicle was involved.

The Memphis Fire Department said four people were taken to hospitals.

The bus driver was to Regional Medical Center, one passenger was taken to Baptist East, and the other was taken to Methodist Central.

All are in non-critical condition.

Several lanes of I-40 eastbound and westbound were blocked by emergency vehicles.

By about 9:45 a.m., the scene was cleared and traffic was moving again.


    • bambam84

      And the PASSENGERS are the ones that have to deal with a “code of conduct.” Don’t make me laugh. It hurts. :-P

  • Nonn ya Bid ness

    I saw the lien of lawyers at the hospital, this will costthe city what little money they put away for city employee retirements.

    Bank that!

  • Skeptic

    The drivers of these buses are some of the worse I’ve seen. They act like they are driving a car. I’ve seen them speeding, making illegal turns, and cutting off other drivers. The regular big bus drivers are fine, but these ones on these smaller buses are terrible.

  • Amber

    Does it really matter if the buses are allowed on the interstate? At the bank yesterday (First Tennessee, on Austen Peay, not far from this wreck) there was a bus parked in the right hand lane of Austen Peay, not at a bus stop. He had his left blinker on, and we had to go around him, along with multiple other cars. When I got to the ATM, the bus driver was leaving. He walked clear across the parking lot, leaving his bus in the middle of Austen Peay. I believe my husband caught a picture of him walking back to his bus. Apparently laws don’t apply to ANY city workers.

  • truthseeker1953

    No talent driver! Gotta go faster to clear a guard rail like’at or you’ll get hung up like’at ever time.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      Truthseeker1953, I needed that!!!lol…..Terrie, Earlier I googled are mata buses allowed on the interstate here and nothing negative

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      Brighteyes how petty!!! Im surprised u didnt.correct truthseeker for the way he shortened “like that”. Smdh and rolling my eyes

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