Humane Society: TN Is A Hot Bed For Dog And Cockfighting

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(Memphis) Humane Society officials say, not surprisingly to many, Tennessee is a big state when it comes to dog and cockfighting.

They also that's the smoke that leads to the fire of a lot of different kinds of crime.

Animal rescue groups say it isn't hard to spot the warning signs of animal abuse, if you don't know what to look for.

Janette Reever of The Humane Society said there are usually a few "ah-ha" moments during these lectures, "We'll pull up stuff about paraphernalia and they will say I've seen that I didn't know what that was used for."

Reever said abusers often tie their animals up in chain, a cheap method to keep animals in control.

Odds are the animals aren't the only thing they are keeping under wraps.

Reever told us these crimes go hand in hand with drugs, guns and violence.

Often times when there is animal cruelty, children are also being abused on the property, "It's a cry for help when kids are Abusing animals,  because they learn it from somewhere."

Memphis Police hope training people to spot the smaller clues can lead to a big bust, "Many times the office or maybe on a call for a totally different reasons but there may be different signs for things in the house that can lead them to believe there may be some type of animal abuse happening at that location," said Sergeant Alyssa Macon Moore.

Animal abuse experts say no breed is safe from abuse, but pit bull and cockfighting are the biggest problem they are facing today.

Reever added, "It doesn't just stop at dogs and cats. Birds, pigs, chickens, it does not matter there is no line that is drawn to say that's the only animals that are abused."

Both the Humane Society police officials say the public is the partner and if you see something that looks suspicious take a picture and called police could save an animal flight.

Report abuse to 877-TIP-HSUS $5000 reward for information that least to an arrest and conviction.