Up To 100 Cats Found In Former Market Turned Shelter

(Mason, TN) Dozens of cats were found living in the former Mason Market Deli Friday morning.

The business has been closed for a while, and was being rented to a Shelby County woman who used it as a home for rescued cats.

After getting numerous complaints, Mason Police and Tipton County Animal Control took action.

What they found was alarming.

Terry Pool, Supervisor of Tipton County Animal Control was almost at a loss for words.

“There‘s only one word to describe it. It‘s disgusting,” said Pool. “You got feces, you got urine, you got just everything in there. And the stench will knock you down when you go in.”

Charlotte Creasy has been renting the building for almost five months, as a place to house rescued cats.

She‘s been warned several times to make living conditions more humane for the cats she has rescued.

Friday was the last straw.

“There‘s somewhere between 60 and 100 cats and kittens, roaming loose in the building. They all in the ceiling,” said Mason Police Chief James Paris.

Nearly all of them we saw Friday were scratching at fleas.

Terry Pool showed us one cat that appeared to be sick, “This is one of the cat‘s that has got upper respiratory. You can tell by looking at his eyes, his nose.”

While there is electricity, there‘s no heat or running water.

We saw dozens of empty plastic water bottles and emptied boxes of cat litter.

There was little or no food and water in the cat‘s bowls, but litter boxes scattered around the building were very full.

Tipton County Animal Control will decide Monday if it will take the cats.

Calls are already being made to area shelters for help.

Nina Wingfield, Director of Collierville Animal Services, brought portable cages and food for the cats.

She is worried some of the cats won’t survive, especially the babies, “There‘s a lot of cats in there thateuthanasia would be a blessing to them.”

Wingfield said she knows Charlotte Creasy and is mad about how she disregarded the animal‘s welfare, “She knows better. And I say shame, shame on her for creating an environment for these cats.”

Creasy was cited for animal cruelty and neglect and is scheduled to appear in Tipton County General Sessions Court in June 6.


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