Up To 100 Cats Found In Former Market Turned Shelter

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(Mason, TN) Dozens of cats were found living in the former Mason Market Deli Friday morning.

The business has been closed for a while, and was being rented to a Shelby County woman who used it as a home for rescued cats.

After getting numerous complaints, Mason Police and Tipton County Animal Control took action.

What they found was alarming.

Terry Pool, Supervisor of Tipton County Animal Control was almost at a loss for words.

"There's only one word to describe it. It's disgusting," said Pool. "You got feces, you got urine, you got just everything in there. And the stench will knock you down when you go in."

Charlotte Creasy has been renting the building for almost five months, as a place to house rescued cats.

She's been warned several times to make living conditions more humane for the cats she has rescued.

Friday was the last straw.

"There's somewhere between 60 and 100 cats and kittens, roaming loose in the building. They all in the ceiling," said Mason Police Chief James Paris.

Nearly all of them we saw Friday were scratching at fleas.

Terry Pool showed us one cat that appeared to be sick, "This is one of the cat's that has got upper respiratory. You can tell by looking at his eyes, his nose."

While there is electricity, there's no heat or running water.

We saw dozens of empty plastic water bottles and emptied boxes of cat litter.

There was little or no food and water in the cat's bowls, but litter boxes scattered around the building were very full.

Tipton County Animal Control will decide Monday if it will take the cats.

Calls are already being made to area shelters for help.

Nina Wingfield, Director of Collierville Animal Services, brought portable cages and food for the cats.

She is worried some of the cats won't survive, especially the babies, "There's a lot of cats in there thateuthanasia would be a blessing to them."

Wingfield said she knows Charlotte Creasy and is mad about how she disregarded the animal's welfare, "She knows better. And I say shame, shame on her for creating an environment for these cats."

Creasy was cited for animal cruelty and neglect and is scheduled to appear in Tipton County General Sessions Court in June 6.


    • Scooter

      What have you done lately to help homeless cats? These are sheltered and appear to be well fed. Try walking a mile in Ms. Creasy’s shoes before being so judgmental.

  • Ernie

    For the amount of money the government (taxpayers) will spend to relocate these cats and eventually euthanize the majority of them, they could have helped Ms. Creasy turn this into a really great cat haven and maybe, just maybe, these cats would have had a fighting chance of living a decent life. As for them being “malnourished”…I must be looking at different cats because the ones depicted in those pictures, looked pretty healthy to me.

    • bambam84

      Just looking to stack as many charges as they can against her, so they canreceive as much money as ppossible from her, as is the norm. Nothing to see her folks, (except for some cute cats) move it along…

  • Scooter

    God bless Charlotte Creasy for trying to take care of all of these kitties. What a shame that the city won’t help her turn the building into a real cat shelter, instead of dragging her into court and fining her. Disgusting. What this situation needs is a group well-versed in TNR..and some city officials with some brains and hearts. BTW, I’ve seen malnourished cats. The ones I see in this picture appear to be well fed.

  • Wake Up

    Can you imagine the stench… That said they look fine to me. They all have meat on their bones. Better off there than euthanized which is their fate now.

  • AD Sayers

    Anyone ever try to find a home for a rescued cat? It’s almost impossible and people move away, leaving them behind to starve. Granted the conditions were less than ideal but they were well fed. It’s too bad a single person didn’t come forward to volunteer to help keep up the rescue instead of sending them all off to be put down. Tipton County was a 99% kill ratio for cats and only recently even had a facility that could hold cats. Guess that’s where the county would have preferred they go. Paying rent for a building to house them and food daily for them must have cost Creasy a lot of money.

  • linda

    I agree. Putting them in other shelters is not the answer. They will be put to death. They should take the money and help the lady get the place up and going for a rescue center isntead. They all look well fed to me.

  • Dade

    If you think this woman is a saint or doing this to help. Search her name and look around 2004 when she was sentenced to federal time for selling drivers licenses. Also she is a retired MPD officer.

  • Presada

    They are not well fed! They are pregnant! Look at the hip bones! Some may look fed but you can bet it’s either bloating from worms or some are pregnant.Good grief folks, this is not in the least bit acceptable. Respiratory infections can run through and decimate a group of cats! Not to mention what worms and flea infestations can do to them.

    • Dean Ace Thomas

      I do wish people who don’t know the facts would quit putting their 2 cents in and attempting to make matters worse, I looked at the cats and they look pretty healthy to me, a little conjunctivitis is relatively easy to get under control, I give the caretaker credit for trying, but I know it’s not easy to do on your own and finding homes for adult cats is very difficult, it’s hard to find homes for kittens most of the time. So instead of spouting off, do something productive, see which organizations are taking these and make a donation, show you concern in a real way.
      The Crazy Cat Man

  • darlene

    The cats were fed several times a day with one of the best cat foods, “Blue.” None are pregnant unless they just came in that way, as all have been spayed and neutered. Only two momma cats and their kittens were there, kept in a separate room There were 50 to 60 cats, not hundreds as the news channels claim. Many of the cats came from calls to rescue them from trash cans or being left behind by owners. I know of two personally who suffered from broken hips due to being hit by cars. They were taken to a vet, expensive treatments done and now have fully recovered. I understand completely the conditions of the cat boxes was terrible but people should know the facts before condemnation. Personally, I know the owner spent thousands of dollars each year to rescue, feed and rent a shelter for them. I’m not excusing the conditions but note the toys and air conditioning units purchased by the owner. The building had no running water, so gallons of bottled water were purchased everyday. Yes, I met the lady that owns the rescue, as I had to call to have a cat and kittens rescued and she was the only one that came and took all of them to a vet, finding homes for the kittens.

  • JohnSplayswithbigblackTWhackers

    John S surprised you haven’t put your idiot two cents in. I bet all those cats will be running when they see the Asian people coming. Just like the Mexicans when they see immigration.

  • SaveTheAnimals

    This so called “animal expert” Wingfield should stay in her own county, in her own city and resolve her own animal hoarding issues. Wingfield at CAS has a reputation of overcrowding the shelter to such an extreme, the local veterinarians complained formally to the Mayor & resigned after the vets would not work for a place where the animals health were in such jeopardy. Collierville could not find a local vet to even perform weekly alters and had to go to high kill shelter MAS to hire a vet. It appears Wingfield shares Dr Colemans high kill mentality. Maybe CAS kill record should be more scrutinized. Are her numbers being fixed so that she can glorify her crown??? This woman is a known busybody always stirring up trouble but never resolving the problems in her own city. Where ever there is a camera, Wingfield will be there leaving a trail of dead animals. Shame shame shame on her.

  • bndgkitten

    If you all feel so bad for them going to a shelter then go adopt an adult cat! I run a cat rescue and adults are so near impossible to get adopted. Those litter boxes are nasty and probably full of coccidia and god knows what else, it will take any real rescue now a large amount of money to treat them and get them healthy again for homes when they may have come from good places to begin with.

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