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Does It Matter That City Leaders Fly Delta, Not Discount Carriers?

(Memphis) WREG exposed how city leaders, who've been urging the public to use any airline but Delta and encouraging discount carriers to fly out of Memphis, aren't practicing what they preach.

Do the Informed Sources think it matters?

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  • Hard Truths

    Who is booking these flights for our so-called “city leaders”?

    Is it a matter of where the flights go, which flights are most convenient, or is there some ulterior reason for giving favor to Delta?

  • smith

    Do as i say, not as i do. That’s the attitude of the so called Memphis leader. I don’t believe we have a leader downtown,

  • Fly Dodson

    It any airline for me but Delta!!!!!!!!!!!!! Delta love Atlanta and not Memphis, only Northwest love Memphis went it was here in the big M town

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