Dallas Police Recruiting In Memphis For 200 Police Officers

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(Memphis) Another city is trying to persuade Memphis police officers to work for them.

The Dallas Police Department announced they are coming to town to offer jobs, hoping to fill 200 positions.

Carlos Carter, the father of four and unemployed, liked the fact he does not need previous experience or a college degree.

"I got two boys and two girls and anything would help them," Carter said. "Whatever helps their day helps them."

A few college credits, a 2.o GPA, and a clean background could get his foot in the door.

The job starts at nearly $43,000.00 per year.

The salary could be appealing to many Memphians looking for work and the city's police officers.

"It's more than what's here," Michael Williams, Memphis Police Association President, said.

According to Williams, Dallas would be getting officers from Memphis who were trained on taxpayers' dimes.

"You don't have to spend as much money training them. You don't have to give them much oversight. They already come with credentials," Williams explained.

The MPA believes city leaders should be trying to hold on to the experienced the officers in Memphis have.

"There has not been a promotional process here. They're trying to take away the benefits here," Williams said. "Why would these guys want to stay?"

Many officers have already begun leaving the Memphis Police Department.

"What? Do you want these guys to be slaves? You want them to work for slave wages, slave labor? Come on. That's not it," Williams said.

With Dallas highlighting their outstanding pension program on their promotional flyer, Williams thinks more officers could soon be headed for the door, "We can't stop them from leaving."

Dallas recruiters will be conducting interviews later this month at the following locations:

NSA Mid-South

  • 5700 Attu
  • Millington, TN
  • May 21, 2014
  • 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Hilton Memphis

  • 939 Ridge Lake Blvd.
  • Memphis, TN
  • 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • May 22, 2014



  • Dr. JohnS

    And our clueless leaders are letting it happen, and we taxpayers will suffer the consequences. What a total loss for Memphis.

    • None Ya Bid Ness

      I hope all 200 positions are filled by MPD officers. DPD must be desperate to be scraping the bottom of the barrel. 200 officers leaving should help the city with it’s budget problem.

      Memphis is gonna burn, and I have my fiddle!!!!!

  • NCOWife2

    Officers, if you decide to apply, just know that they will not tolerate ANY misconduct and that includes turning on your flashers to run through a red light, speeding for no reason, cursing at citizens (profanity is illegal in public), excessive force, etc. When I first moved there and told some of them (I worked with) about the things that I witnessed here, they were shocked. After six years, I never once saw any of them do any of those things.

    • James

      Dallas probably doesn’t have as many uneducated hood rats as Memphis and their citizens actually SUPPORT their police. Texas has some of the strictest laws in the country. They don’t put up with cap like this dump. Good luck to all the officers applying!

      • NCOWife2

        Don’t quote me on this because I have no data to back it, but the education level seems comparable. The difference lies in those stricter criminal laws that Tennessee needs to adopt ASAP. As far as the economy, it is far better and the cost of living is very comfortable.

  • Memphis Pride

    I say good ridden. The MPD is here crying about the wages and benefits but is willing to work for less money makes no sense. If any officer leaves I’m willing to bet most of them have disipline problems here in the city.Also why would most of you bloggers care anyway. For one you complain about the MPD not doing their jobs, seem like everyday and second most of you don’t live in the city anyway, you just want to make noise. I say to anyone that is interested in working for Dallas Police Dept., go and apply if it makes you happy then all of your city of Memphis problems will be solved.

  • Don

    Okay, The Memphis Police were trained in Memphis, at the expense of the taxpayers, then paid them for police for all of the lawsuits when needed, have paid for the police new vehicles, and the vehicles that has been totaled, the time they are paid for hospitals and while they recuperation. etc etc.

    I have never thought of joining the Memphis PD. Bu as a young man I would go for Dallas. They are smart enough to get police who are already trained but have not any leadership.

    If they decide to hire Memphis police, Dallas will send those officers to a Texas Law Enforcement Academy to be taught Texas law and other things they require.

    I have spent time in Dallas & Houston and found the economy is better in both cities. As opposed to Memphis who are trying to shrink the Police Dept to save money.

    If any police read this and do decide to go with Dallas I think you might have a brighter future, Good luck.

  • dickgosinya1

    Dallas needs to recruit gang members here? They got plenty of thugs there to chose from

  • Joe

    yeah….perennial doofus michael williams would love to get into a bidding war with dallas

    really michael? slave labor? slave wages?

    that the best you got?

    you dont know anything but the race card do you?

  • Hard Truths

    They won’t get away with cursing and disrespecting the public as they do in Memphis. And flouting the law with their reckless, lawless driving.

    Memo to MPD and especially MPA: Other cities have STANDARDS.

    You will have a LOT of growing up to do to cut it in Dallas.

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