You Can Help Memphis Man Win Fitness Honor

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(WREG-TV) A Memphis man has changed his body and his life, now he is hoping to get some national recognition for his achievement.

As a 58-year-old father of twins, a 19-year-old, as well as an executive at Hilton Garden Inn, Adrian Kurre has to find and make time to keep lean and healthy.

Kurre in the running for the 'Ultimate Men's Health Guy Search,' the winner of which will appear on the magazine's cover and other prizes.

Kurre told us he's always been healthy but gained 40 pounds after his twins were born.

He began working out but did not stabilize his weight until he added resistance training three or four times a week.

By following his own program, Kurre has lost more than 50 pounds and transformed his body.

"I applied my business mindset to my health. Instead of tracking revenue and expenses, I tracked calories consumed and burned. I also took a personal trainer course through the ISSA and shed 50 pounds!" wrote in his Men's Health entry.

Kurre told me he makes sure to keep up his training even when traveling and even does leg exercises when brushing his teeth.

At Hilton headquarters in Memphis, Kurre organizes surprise mid-day walks around the block and at home has a treadmill desk.

You can read more about Kurre Here as well as cast a vote for him.

Adrian Kurre

Adrian Kurre


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  • Dr. JohnS

    This man has much to be proud for, he regained a good life and was an example for his family, co-workers and the community. I am proud of his accomplishments and I do not know him -but I know how hard it is to change your life style.

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