VA To Audit All Clinics

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(CNN) Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki has ordered a “face-to-face audit” at all Department of Veterans Affairs clinics, a spokeswoman told CNN on Thursday.

Earlier in the day, the House Veterans Affairs Committee voted to subpoena Shinseki in the wake of accusations that his department is responsible for treatment delays at some of its hospitals that cost veterans their lives.

The Shinseki subpoena will cover e-mails that allegedly discussed the destruction of a secret list, first reported by CNN, of veterans waiting for care at a Phoenix VA hospital.

The House panel agreed to issue the subpoena in a verbal vote Thursday morning.

Attention on the secretary follows months of CNN exclusive reporting about U.S. veterans who have died while they waited for treatment at VA hospitals across the country.

On May 1, Shinseki issued a written statement announcing that the director of the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system and two others have been placed on administrative leave amid claims of a secret waiting list and claims that 40-plus veterans died waiting for care.

“We believe it is important to allow an independent, objective review to proceed,” Shinseki wrote. “These allegations, if true, are absolutely unacceptable and if the Inspector General’s investigation substantiates these claims, swift and appropriate action will be taken.

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  • Angie

    They also need to investigate ALL the DEATHS and NEAR-DEATHS from misdiagnosis especially at the Memphis Hospital.

  • W Biggers

    Check VAMC Memphis cardiology for the past six yrs and see how many vets were turned away due to inadequate staffing along with being told there were no beds available for cardiology as well as vascular surgery. How many scheduled surgeries were cancelled because of inadequate staffing?

  • Vera

    The Back hospital in Memphis is known as the death hospital.That’s what people have called it for years.

  • Susan Goines

    My husband is an Army Veteran. His company doesn’t have health insurance and he can not afford insurance on his own. My insurance will not allow me to carry him because of an earlier heart attack. For the last 3+ yyrs. he has been telling the VA North Clinic, in Memphis, he has a shortness of breath, sereve leg pain and chest pains and 67% blockage in his legs. They would not send him to a cardiologist. They kept telling him it was diabetic neuropathy. Late April, 2014 he nearly died of a heart attack and pneumonia. The clinic did not want to send him to a hospital with a carth lab. They wanted him to go to the VA Hospital downtown. The EMTs said no because the VA could not take care of him. The hospital said he would not of made it through the night. Thanks VA for taking such goog care of our veterans. Yeah right.

  • Waymon Kinchen

    I know for a fact that this story is True. V.A always put appointments off for Months it not just the Memphis Location it here in St. Petersburg Fla and Tampa. This is so sad because We as Veterans serve our country to protect our Country. Also they need to check how there rating PTSD. Its also and illness. #ImProud Veteran.

  • Kristen

    They also need to audit and/or investigate the malpractice going on in specialty clinics such as the oncology department where they went about my husbands cancer treatment all wrong!! A cancer that is 90% curable in the stage he was in when he first went to the VA Memphis has now turned into stage 4 lymphoma due to the VA treating it improperly!!! My husband has one hell of a story to tell and it will be told soon enough!! I’m sure the VA will do plenty of investigation once they receive 2 malpractice lawsuit claims! Thanks for possibly costing my husband his life memphis VA!!

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