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Teen Accused Of Shooting Into House Full Of Children

(Memphis) A teenager will be charged as an adult after police say he, and two others, fired shots into a house full of children.

Dedrick Thomas faces several counts of aggravated assault and attempted first degree murder.

Ida Deshay keeps watch over her Riverview neighborhood.

"About 30 something years I think," Deshay said.

She was sitting on her porch in March when police said three men shot up a house full of kids on Modder.

The five children were between the ages of one and fifteen. 

Police said all of their lives were put in danger.

"It's pretty close to home. It's hitting real close to home," Deshay said.

Bullet holes were still visible at the home on Thursday.

Deshay said she was relieved to learn Thomas was off the streets just days away from his 18th birthday.

Thomas is charged on more counts than the number of years he has been alive.

He faces 11 counts of attempted first degree murder, 14 counts of aggravated assault, one count of burglary, and vandalism.

"I'm glad they did because if they do that, they'll do something else," Deshay said.

Thomas was locked up on $100,000 bond when WREG went to the address he listed as his house to get his family's side of the story.

However, no one answered the door.

The victims were too afraid to talk on camera but hope justice is served.

Deshay had a message for anyone coming to her neighborhood to start trouble.

"I would tell them don't do it. Don't do it. It's just too much happening. It's a better way. Seek the Lord, She said.  "They need to seek the lord."

Thomas is expected to appear in court Friday.


  • Howard Stern

    A thug like Thomas deserves absolutely no respect and certainly should not be treated with any dignity. He needs to be treated like the piece of trash that he is.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Howard, I do not know the young man. I certainly do not like what he has done. I have worked with a lot of people, the man may have had mental issues and there was no help. He may have been put down so many times by people thinking he was worthless. He may have gone hungry too many times and his brain did not develop fully. There are a lot of things that could have gone wrong.

      I am most certain, that calling him trash, thug, and any other name will not help him.

      How have you show a person in this city you call home they are worth something?

      • luvbreamfishin'

        Really? Well we are so glad YOU can come up with a goofball theory of what’s wrong with him..he has to be a real winner to cowardly shoot into a house full of kids. Maybe you can bring this upstanding person into your house and help him. You bleeding heart liberals amaze me,,always trying to defend a heartless criminal when there is NO DEFENSE to what he did..

  • JohnSplayswithbigblackTWhackers

    He needs to be locked up. John S like being locked up with King Willie’s Willie

    • Dr. JohnS

      Just not my style, but I would guess it would be better than spending 5 minutes in person with you.

      What did you do today to put a smile on someone’s face?

  • Terrie

    NO respect for these boy thugs. Time in prison is what they need.!! HARD TIME too! Mamma can’t help him now wher ever she may be. Good God if the Law does not start punishing these pricks and soon!!!

    • Dr. JohnS

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but really I do not care what you think of me. I do want to show the world that we are not all a like. Some people have respect for their fellow man.

      I do not just hide behind a computer and rant and rave about people. I go out on the streets and talk with them, let them know someone thinks they are a human.

      What are you doing to make your city a better place to call home?

  • Ricky

    Yeah….. he should do every iota of thirty years (no parole). I wonder if the shooting was gang or drug related? This sorry trash has no respect for human life and should be treated as such. Dr. Quincy JohnS, thinking all people are good and respectful doesn’t make all people good and respectful. Prisons were created for a reason. My guess is, you’re the type that would hug and forgive the P.O.S. Jesse Dotson. Wake up and leave with your idiot logic.

  • Dr. JohnS

    I like your unintelligent name change. Yes, he has a mom and I think she loves him. But at the same time what he did was wrong.

    I see the positive in the story because someone is concerned to keep watch over their neighborhood. Memphis has great potential and negativity does not help. It takes all of us doing our part to make the city a place we can be proud of.

    Just what have you done for your city you call home?

  • Dr. JohnS

    I am hoping you are referring to a black sow and not trying to use your humor to degrade another human being. All humans deserve respect and to be treated with dignity.

    How are you helping Memphis to become a better city? It takes all of us working together to make it a city we can all be proud of.

  • 1midtownmike

    That’s the problem……..you think respect and dignity are an entitlement
    You may wish to think before you speak the next time you preach from your soapbox.

  • Dr. JohnS

    Mike, you might have your words mixed up. My grandfather and father in a gentle way taught that every person should be treated respect and dignity. We are all humans, now science teaches us through DNA that every person on earth can be traced back to one woman in Africa.

    They taught me that you show respect and dignity because they are a child of God created in his own image.

    I think maybe you have ‘trust’ hidden in dignity and respect. I never trust anyone until they earn it.

  • luvbreamfishin'

    Through DNA huh? this the same people that work on the global warming myth also??

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