New Code of Conduct Coming For MATA Bus Riders

(Memphis) The Memphis Transit Authority has created a code of conduct for its riders.

The list of rules will be posted on board the buses and in terminals.

If the rules are broken, passengers could get banned for life.

Public transportation is meant to be a safe and inexpensive way to get around town, but recent activity has some people questioning their safety.

That includes a man attacking his girlfriend Wednesday and a security guard arrested after he reportedly pushed a man off a MATA bus.

Tom Fox is the interim General Manager at MATA, “We want to make it totally clear that MATA has no tolerance for verbal abuse by any individual involving any other. Passengers or employees.”

Security guards can be called to buses but apparently that isn’t enough.

Fox told us there have been procedures in place for security guards to follow .

Now the city wants to make those rules crystal clear for rider too.

Fox added, “We have guidelines that we followed in the past and that kind of situation would warrant some severe consequences. What we want to do now is make sure what everyone knows what those consequences are in advance.

The code of conduct will be finalized in the next few weeks.

MATA plans to launch a public education campaign to make sure everyone is on board with these rules.


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