Mother, Seven Children Rescued From Burning Apartment

(Memphis) A mother and her seven children were rescued early Thursday morning by neighbors, after fire broke out in their Whitehaven Apartment.

It happened around midnight at the Tulane Apartments at Tulane and Farris.

Yalonda Buchanan was just dozing off on her couch with her baby when the fire started in her bedroom.

Her six other children were also asleep.

She said thank goodness her neighbors were still up and saw her place was on fire.

“I  would have still been asleep. I would have been asleep, really,  to tell you the truth if it wasn’t hearing so much noise coming from window. It had to be them screaming something is on fire,” said Buchanan.

Buchanan saw the smoke and started rounding up her children and didn’t have to wait long for help.

Keith Nelson who was nearby kicked in the door and to get the kids and put out the fire.

“Smoke came out too heavily, So, I ran downstairs and ran to the back door. I took a stick and knocked out the window to let the smoke out the back so we could get into the front  and we got in the front and we seen blazes so we go in there with water, buckets,” said Nelson.

He said they threw water and flour on the fire that appeared to be coming from an electrical outlet.

Nelson said he was just trying to do the right thing.

Buchanan is just glad he got involved, “I went to do what a man is supposed to do.”

An investigation found a child started the fire in a bedroom with a lighter.

Buchanan said she had complained to management about electrical problems in her apartment.

So far, we have not been able to talk to anyone with Global Ministries Fellowship the organization that owns the complex.



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