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Mother, Seven Children Rescued From Burning Apartment

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(Memphis) A mother and her seven children were rescued early Thursday morning by neighbors, after fire broke out in their Whitehaven Apartment.

It happened around midnight at the Tulane Apartments at Tulane and Farris.

Yalonda Buchanan was just dozing off on her couch with her baby when the fire started in her bedroom.

Her six other children were also asleep.

She said thank goodness her neighbors were still up and saw her place was on fire.

"I  would have still been asleep. I would have been asleep, really,  to tell you the truth if it wasn't hearing so much noise coming from window. It had to be them screaming something is on fire," said Buchanan.

Buchanan saw the smoke and started rounding up her children and didn't have to wait long for help.

Keith Nelson who was nearby kicked in the door and to get the kids and put out the fire.

"Smoke came out too heavily, So, I ran downstairs and ran to the back door. I took a stick and knocked out the window to let the smoke out the back so we could get into the front  and we got in the front and we seen blazes so we go in there with water, buckets," said Nelson.

He said they threw water and flour on the fire that appeared to be coming from an electrical outlet.

Nelson said he was just trying to do the right thing.

Buchanan is just glad he got involved, "I went to do what a man is supposed to do."

An investigation found a child started the fire in a bedroom with a lighter.

Buchanan said she had complained to management about electrical problems in her apartment.

So far, we have not been able to talk to anyone with Global Ministries Fellowship the organization that owns the complex.



  • Bill

    While the Firemen were asleep the neighbors saved the family. Oh yeah, one of the Batllion Chiefs passed me this morning on his way to work. He just left his house.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Bill I did not get my degree in optometry, but from your post I think you need to have your eyes checked. Nothing you wrote was in the article.

      I think it is great to have neighbors watch out for you, it always makes the city a nicer place and you can feel secure.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Jeremy, if you do not mind share with me who made you the judge and jury over all people. Do you know the woman personally? If not then you have most warp view of the world.

      I noticed that one store in Memphis had rose colored glasses – might try them to see if your world changes. Just what have you done to make Memphis a better place to live?

    • Evette

      Oh bless your heart memphis23….you must be new to this site. You thought it was where rational adults make comments and respect each other….NOOOOT gonna happen on this site. Most of the comments are racist and have nothing to do with the story.
      I advise you to go to another site for real discussions.

    • Dr. JohnS

      I whole heartily support your post, think you for giving another look. I use to let the post which were all negative and racist ruin me and I stopped reading WREG. Then I decided that I wanted to show another side of Memphis – a side with respect, dignity and caring of their fellow man. Memphis is a great city, yes it has its problems but all of us do. If we all work together for the good of the city, there is no telling what can be done.

      Thank you for your post!

    • Dr. JohnS

      I hear you, that was not the story. The story was there were neighbors that saw a mother in trouble and ran to help. If we all did that, Memphis would become a place we could all be proud of.

  • Ron Heibler

    Way to go Memphis Fire!!!! I’m proud of the work you do under the terrible conditions you work under…not to mention how the city of Memphis is trying to shit on you. Stay safe and be great brothers!!! Bill, you are an idiot. These men and women put their lives on the line day in and day out and the city keeps taking from them yet they keep coming back for more. Rarely do firefighters sleep anymore, especially in Memphis.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Ron thank you for your great post. I know the police and fire fighters have one tough job – but they never complain. Honestly the city council is the one always complaining. Maybe if they took the time to go with a fire truck or ride in a patrol car their views would be broadened.

      And yes Ron, all readers know that Bill is not all here mentally.

      Thank you for your post.

      • Dr. JohnS

        Bill, my son became a paramedic not for the poor wages – but he has a big heart and cares deeply for people. I could not do what he does for no amount of money. But I taught him well, that we can all make a difference in the world. The stories that he tells me, I want to cry, but he has a heart two sizes too big.

        That is the reason most become firemen or police officers and paramedics. Because they care about the people living in their city.

        What have you done in your city to show you care?

    • Dr. JohnS

      Your name is certainly correct – you certainly were not sure what article you were reading. Please say something nice about people – the article did not mention that the woman or any of her children were smoking pot. But it told about neighbors caring for another neighbor in trouble.

      What good have you done for the good city you call home?

  • Bill

    As for falling off topic. It’s obvious WREG is pandering to the Firemens wage issues. A Fire everyday is nothing to report on.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Bill I am sorry that you have such a rotten life that you feel it necessary to constantly post something negative here. But only you can change your life and attitude – keep in mind that we who read the news cannot help you.

      What good thing have you done for your city you call home?

      • Bill

        Well, for one I vote, unlike the 90% who didn’t in Tuesdays election.
        Secondly, I’ve lived all 57 years in Memphis, I’ve owned 7 houses and have paid over 140K in property taxes alone. I think I can gripe when a City employee whines about how little they’re paid when they accepted the job knowing the pay stinks.
        The good news, the City and County are merging in 5 years.

  • Dr. JohnS

    Dear editor and author, I know you have a difficult job to do and I would not want it. You report on every tragedy in Memphis and it must weigh you down and you have many sleepless nights.

    I know your job is difficult, but there was so much good in the story that Memphis needs to hear. There are people in Memphis who watch over their neighbors- that is what will change Memphis in a city we can all be proud of. We have a good city, I could have moved anywhere, but I chose Memphis because of its tradition. I think we can become a Great City, one that every city in the country will look up to as an example.

    In your headline you mentioned the lady had 7 children, and then for some reason you mentioned it 2 other times. The goodness of the neighbors were over shadowed by the number of children you thought necessary to let us know several times.

    You write many great articles of the people who give of their time and energy to make Memphis a better place. I want you to know I appreciate it very much. I am tired of hearing about all the bad – if possible emphasis something good a person or persons did.

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