Memphis Not Among Top 10 BBQ Joints

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(Memphis) As summer rolls around, it is time to get down to business.

The barbecue business!

"That's good stuff right there," Jerre Lane said.

Besides music, Memphis is known for BBQ.

Our BBQ so good, even the royal princes had to check it out when they came to town.

Jim Neely, also known as Uncle Neely by his customers at Interstate Barbecue, said no one cooks the dish quite like Memphians.

"When they do a survey compiling, Memphis is always the BBQ capital," Neely said.

Wait. Not so fast!

A new review by users put Tennessee at number five out of ten in the country.

To add insult to injury for many people who live in the Bluff City, no Memphis BBQ joints made the list of top restaurants in which to 'pig out.'

"Wow. I don't like that. I have to disagree with that," Lane said.

Lane was more than shocked because he takes clients visiting from out of town to taste the BBQ all of the time, "The right sauce for it and the texture's good."

"We just know how to do it. We've probably been doing it a lot longer than most places," Neely said.

According to, Georgia is the number one state to grab BBQ.

The website also lists Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas as the number one restaurant.

Neely said it must be a mistake, "You'd be surprised how everyday I got people coming in from all over the country that will tell me this is the best BBQ I've ever eaten in my life."


  • Thomas H. Evans

    Just goes to show you that people in Memphis need to travel more. I happen to think the best barbecue in town is at Houston’s Restaurant.

  • mission

    The best BBQ that I have ever had is at the Claremont Cafe in Claremont NC at exit 135 on I40.

  • stuck hedre

    “Neely said it must be a mistake, ‘You’d be surprised how everyday I got people coming in from all over the country that will tell me this is the best BBQ I’ve ever eaten in my life.’ ”

    Again, these people need to get out more. Interstate isn’t even listed in the top BBQ places by TripAdvisor and the reviews on Google have it at 3.5/5 trailing other places in town.

    Instead of always thinking that they’re the best, they should get out and survey the competition locally and nationally to see where they can improve.

  • joe

    yes we used to have good bbq, and a certain restaurant is known to be the best, but you can’t remain at the top if you rely on historical reviews, you have to continue to improve.

  • Bill

    It’s just another Survey. It’s the Coruption and murder rate that keeps people out of the city. Why should they risk thier lives for a sample of BBQ. As well, people who read the article may want to try the BBQ. They shouldn’t come to Memphis to do so.

  • Bill

    Dr. BobS,

    Here’s the good news, I’ve never had a better BBQ sandwich outside of Memphis. It’s either too Smokey or Gamey.

  • Joe

    I am highly skeptical of any survey that does not put Memphis at the top for best BBQ in America! Not sure why is even entertaining this bogus survey with a story, but it just goes to show the lack of professionalism on behalf of wreg.

  • Nonn ya Bid ness

    When was detroit at the top of a list that reflected well on taht city? Memphis is heading the same way!

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