Man Charged With Raping Woman In Abandoned Midtown Motel

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(Memphis) Police are investigating an aggravated rape near the busy intersection of Union and McLean in Midtown.

The abandoned Country Hearth Inn is fenced and boarded all the way around, but it’s not impossible to squeeze your way onto the abandoned lot.

Memphis Police say Merwin Hill forced himself on a woman inside the neglected hotel.

“My heart goes to her, it really does,” said neighbor Yasmeen Woods.

A sign out front boasts the inn is close to home, but it’s been shut down for a couple of years.

Police haven't said exactly why the 20-year-old woman was inside early Wednesday morning, but some neighbors guess she may have been sleeping here.

The victim told police she looked up and saw Hill coming toward her.

She said she tried to scare him away and aimed a BB gun at him, but the young woman was no match for Hill.

Police say he grabbed the BB gun from her, and with a 4 foot metal pipe, forced her into a room and raped her.

Yasmeen Woods works nearby and gets off pretty late; she's now frightened and says she'll be more careful, “It really makes me aware. You have to watch who you're talking to, and where you’re going."

Runner, Rachel Marvel says she’s not afraid.

She believes the alleged rape is isolated.

“It's not going to keep me from running. I'll run in the daylight and around people,” said Marvel.

Hill is charged with aggravated rape,

He remains in jail on a $250,000 bond.


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