“I’ve Never Seen Anybody Over There” Says Neighbor Baffled After Child Found Dead In Home

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(Oakland, TN) A child death investigation is underway in Oakland.

The Fayette County District Attorney told us he called in the TBI to aid the Oakland Police Department.

Police are saying very little about the child, but neighbors believe it is a young boy.

The child was found dead at a home on Blackhill Drive.

Sheets cover the windows and the doorway to the home.

Police are tight-lipped about what happened inside, but say a child was found dead.

“It’s very tragic, I have children grandchildren. It breaks my heart,” Shirley Bigham said.

Neighbors saw police cars at the home around noon.

Just about everyone we spoke with said they didn't even know a child lived there.

"You would have thought we would have seen him out playing in the yard or playing with some other children but I’ve never seen anybody there,” neighbor Karen Neuman said.

“I do remember she was pregnant. I think I saw her once maybe, but I had forgotten about it so I didn't think about a child being there,” neighbor Wanda Brooks said.

Brooks lives right across the street and calls the situation strange.

"The neighbors go eat every Saturday night together. It’s a close-knit neighborhood,” she said. “We just don't know them. They’re the only ones we never see.”

We tried to talk to them but no one came to the door.

For now police say the whole matter is under investigation and neighbors are left to wonder.


  • Ernie

    Another news story that leaves more questions than answers. How did the police happen upon the body? Did the residents of the home call 911? If not, then who did? What was the condition of the body? Was it in advance stages of decomposition or had the death recently occurred? What do they know about the residents of the house? Perhaps the child was born with health issues (which would explain why no one ever saw him outside), went into cardiac arrest and the parents called 911?….sigh…..

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