Woman Posts Her Abortion Online: “There is such a thing as a positive abortion story”

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(Cherry Hill, N.J.) A counselor who works in a New Jersey abortion clinic posted her own abortion online for all to see.  The video won a contest sponsored by an abortion rights group, including a cash prize and a donation to an abortion clinic.

Emily Letts, 25, who is a sex educator and birth control proponent, said she wasn’t using any birth control at the time she began pregnant.

Letts wrote in Cosmo, “I tracked my ovulation cycle, and I didn’t have any long-term partners. I thought I was OK. But, you know, things happen. I wound up pregnant.”

She said she immediately knew what she wanted to do, “I was going to have an abortion. I knew I wasn’t ready to take care of a child. The guy wasn’t involved in my decision. I called my supervisor and said, ‘Excuse me, I am going to need to schedule one abortion, please.’ It was very early in the pregnancy, only two to three weeks.”

Letts said she wanted to show the reality of a surgical abortion, though the video focuses only on her face, “Every time I watch the video, I love it. I love how positive it is.”

As you might imagine, not everyone supports the video.

Some have said it does not truly show what happens in an abortion, while others say it trivializes the matter.


    • Dr. JohnS

      I am sorry, but it was not a baby. I know of a lot of people who might have adopted the baby, but it was not their choice, it belong to the woman who chose the abortion.

      • Jennifer

        Your comment it redundant. First you say it’s not a baby, next line you say it is. And your suppose to be a DR yet you don’t know te difference. What kind of DR are you?

      • Crocky

        In scientific terms, it’s a parasite. Most times, it’s a parasite that women want to host for 9 months, but there are some of us that choose not to have children but don’t think that we should be punished for 18 years for our birth control methods failing (granted, for me, it’s a moot point…I made sure I got sterilized).

        If you find abortions to be wrong, don’t have one…and encourage better access to contraception to the women who need it if you feel so hell-bent that abortion is murder.

      • Dr. JohnS

        I am at a total loss of your logic. If a person commits suicide why would they be arrested? Where would they serve their their sentence? What the woman did was no different than removing a cancer cell. It was not a child or baby – it was a growth.

    • janis fulliofdrugs

      She chose to sleep around. She probably didn’t know who the father because she was too busy being a bimbo. was. She chose not to use contraception.
      She is disgusting and so are you.

      • Dr. JohnS

        Janis, may I ask who appointed you judge and jury for the world? Perhaps it is from all the drugs you are taking as your name implies.

        I am sorry you lost a fetus, maybe you were at a different place in your life than where this woman is. Please for the sake of civility be a little kinder with your judgements.

  • Tracy Smith

    @ AReese says:, that what you all say! It’s her body and she is free to do as she pleases. Plus she stated she wasn’t ready to provide the necessary care the baby would need especially in her dating status. So I’ll rather her abort than let the child be born and kill it or not care at all.

  • Catherine

    Evette, aren’t you glad your mother chose to not claim her body as her own and to not murder you? Or should I use the word “terminate” so I don’t sound so harsh…

    • Dr. JohnS

      I was not aware you knew the lady who chose to have an abortion, I wish you would fill us in about who she really is. I try to reserve judgement for myself, only I can be responsible for my actions. I do not always understand the decisions made by others, and I know they do not understand mine.

      You had some very harsh word for the woman, I am guessing it comes from your own life and how you feel about yourself.

      • prolife

        Okay I see you comparing a fetus /unborn child to a cancer cell or tumor… there is a big difference a human being in the womb developed into a self sustaining human … cancer and tumors will die when you die or are removed or go into remission a cancer sell or tumor has no chance of ever being a seperate living being where that baby has its whole life ahead of him or her and its cut short… who knows the genious and accomplishments that baby could.have done when he was older…we just ended it all….ohhh qne im not even going to comment to you calling it a parasite…. when it is a human fetus inside a human …. and the egg has been there its not it entered the body just to act as a parasites… procreation is not parasitism

      • Doctor Domyanic

        Are you even a doctor? Stop being so pompous. People are allowed to express their feelings without unsolicited criticism from you. The societal norm is to call this “women’s rights”. What about the woman in the womb? Who is fighting for her? If this is for the rights of women, then the baby/fetus should have a chance. Those who don’t want to become pregnant should know that sterilization and abstinence are the only sure fire ways to do so. Ignorance and narcism are rampant within our society. It is evident when we chose to kill a life because of a decision that we made.
        Don’t respond with telling me it’s not a life either. If a single celled organism can be considered a life form, then so it what grows inside of a uterus. Scientifically you don’t have an argument.
        The scientific definition of conception is as follows: Conception: 1. The union of the sperm and the ovum. Synonymous with fertilization.
        2. The onset of pregnancy, marked by implantation of the blastocyst into the endometrium.

        From that point you take the scientific definition of pregnancy: Pregnancy: The state of carrying a developing embryo or fetus within the female body.

        Embryo: An organism in the early stages of growth and differentiation, from fertilization to the beginning of the third month of pregnancy (in humans). After that point in time, an embryo is called a fetus.

        And since you seem to be lacking on a mental and emotional level, you have no argument there either. Let people post what they want, get off of your high horse and stop trying to bait people. It’s just sad and pathetic.

        Good day,

        Doctor Domyanic

  • evette

    Of course I’m glad (although this can be a cruel world…staying on the other side might not be so bad) but it was HER body to decide.

  • Connie

    It’s her body. So sick of that comment. It’s her child’s body too and she easily disposed of it. How shameful. May God have mercy on her and all you who support such horrendous crimes against mankind.

    • Crocky

      NEWS FLASH! At two to three weeks gestation, it’s NOT A CHILD! It’s a CLUMP OF CELLS! Yes, it has the potential to develop into a child, but can it live outside of the woman’s body? Nope.

      Therefore, if the woman wants to eliminate a clump of cells she no longer wants to host, she should have the ability to make a sound medical decision and get rid of that parasite.

    • MikeBarret

      What about that evil, insensitive, unkind “god” guy who causes miscarriages sometimes and so easily disposes of a precious little baby! He should be ashamed of himself.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Connie I may not be as wise as you, but one thing I learned in school is that what was aborted was not a baby. You could not distinguish it from any other cell in the body.

      I would guess you are talking from experience and you feel regret or remorse for your decision. We can only judge ourselves and our actions and decisions. I thank the heavens above I never have to be responsible for any decision or action but my own.

      • Truthy

        “You could not distinguish it from any other cell in the body.”

        You can’t distinguish an unborn baby in it’s second or third trimester with “any other cell in the body???” My word.

        Where did you study medicine? And can you please post where you work so I won’t be in jeopardy of being under your care.

  • Sara

    Her body. There is PLENTY OF BABIES ALREADY BORN who needs adopting… yes she should of used birth control but some people like me can’t use it without problems mentally or emotionally. She’s an adult and she chose the best option given her circumstance.

  • 122811

    An unwanted pregnancy is better than an unwanted child so if she felt thats the best option for her at the time do you

  • Jenn

    It breaks my heart that anyone could abort a baby.However I have known a few people that have had one and have never judged there decision. However they also did not take it lightly and still thinks about it everyday! There are so many of us out there that want one and cant have one. It is true that it is her body and it is her choice. We should not judge her decision. There is only one person that can do that and that is the man up stairs!! However it sickenss me that she acts like it is no big deal. Like she is just using it as birth control and making light of the situation. No matter if it is 1 week or 9months that is a life that she is taking it.But again we cannot be the ones to judge a circumstance. And none of us truly know her or her circumstances.

    • murray

      Fence sitters like you make me sick. Evil acts upon innocent babies are done and you just sit idly by and twiddle your thumbs. This shameful woman slept around, didn’t use protection on purpose, and then you have the nerve to rant about “her choice”. It seems like ALL her choices were geared toward getting pregnant in the first place. If you don’t speak up for the most innocent among us, then shame on you.
      This hideous woman knew what she was doing, and for her to promote the killing of a developing baby is outrageous and deplorable.

      • Dr. JohnS

        I hear your bitterness and anger, but keep in mind that it was not a baby. It was a growth in her system, a division of cells at this point. How could it be murder? If a doctor removes a cancerous growth from a person is that murder also? When a doctor removes an arm is that murder also?

        I think you might be speaking from experience and you have pain for a decision you made. Other wise I do not think you would be so hostile toward this woman.

  • evette

    So what do all of you tree huggers suggest for women who terminate unwanted pregnancies? Keep the baby and abuse it…put it in a dumpster…sell it on craigslist….give it no love/emotional support?

    • MikeBarret

      I don’t think I ever met a tree hugger who was anti-choice. The anti-choice ones are usually the crowd who will happily cut down a forest to build a church.

    • mr matt

      go terminate yourself. adoption, have you ever heard of that? or is adoption to much of a hassle and embarassing. maybe its just to much to imagine you gave a child life but nothing else yet so easy to just kill it ,sick world. remember everybody, obama supports abortion so its the bible

      • Dr. JohnS

        Mr matt, keep in mind that it was not a baby. it was no more than a growth, no different than a cancer cell that continues to divide and multiply. I can hear your pain, but at the same time I do not know this woman and would not want to judge her any more than I would want her to judge me.

  • karina

    It’s her body so she should have taken care of it so she wouldn’t have to kill excuse me terminate the life of a fetus that some one else can’t just have ridiculous I wasn’t stable when I found out I was pregnant but I opened my legs so I fought to become stable to take care of my child that I decided to make because mind you I opened my legs knowing I had no birth control if you don’t want it protect yourself or don’t open your legs please no excuses and even if I was raped I wouldn’t have an abortion some people are unable to carry or aren’t fertile enough to have a child trust me plenty out here !!!

    • Dr. JohnS

      I understand where you are coming from, but not everyone has the courage to do what you did. You passed some harsh judgments on the woman. I do not know her and do not feel qualified to judge her. I thank the heavens above I do not have to. I find it hard enough to judge myself for my actions and decisions. Please try to be kind to a fellow human being even if you disagree with them.

  • jimani9308

    I understand where all of you are coming from. However, this was her decision that she deemed moral. If abortion WAS the same as murder, however, then she would be in prison, even but on death row. But there are two differences. Abortion is legal. If they were to be made illegal, then women would go to the underground to be poked and prodded with hangers and knife. It is unsafe and unsanitary. Would you rather her die than be safe? She is the one who “slept around.” She owned up to having several partners. It was her choice. Her body. It will be her standing in front of God who is the ONLY one that can judge, not any of you all. With that being said, leave this poor girl alone.

    • murray

      Are you on crack? She admits to sleeping around. Admits to not letting the guy(s) involved have a say. What she did was a disgrace, but her acts of murder is out for the world to see. She will never live it down. She’s a shameful disgusting person and for you to defend her immoral actions says a lot about you and none of it is good.

      • jimani9308

        We’ll excuse me for being a person that doesn’t judge anyone for what they’ve done.. Since when is it any of my business of who a woman sleeps with or what se chooses to do with her reproductive system? She wanted to have an abortion? She had one.. Did you pay for it? Did you pay for her insurance that may have covered it? No? Ok then. It’s none of mine business, and it shouldn’t be any of yours.

      • Dr. JohnS

        Your anger and bitterness says a lot about you also. The decision you made must have been painful for you for it still shows.

        We humans are not all alike, thank goodness for that. It is our difference that makes us unique but it also cause us to make painful choices or good choices. Either way it was her choice and not mine or yours.

        Share a little kindness to strangers, you never know what they are going through in life and that kindness might make all the difference to them.

  • paula

    By the grace of God she is borrowing a body. It is not her’s to do with what she wants. The same grace allows woman to give birth, to feel what God feels giving life. He does not take away life, We abuse and use what is sacred as a temple. Taking away a life, potential or fully developed, is wrong on all levels. Honor should be a way of life. Who is honoring these helpless beings? Sad world it is!

    • MikeBarret

      No, the zygote was borrowing HER body, and she kicked it out. This is called responsibility.

      Or would you prefer yet another unwanted kid in this world? The Jezuz types always seem to care so much about the sweet little innocent precious baby until it’s actually born, then go asking them about welfare, WIC, public funded health care, other social assistance and “not with my money!”

      • murray

        In the depraved thought processes of a pro-death abort like Mike Barrett, abortion becomes necessary to guarantee sexual freedom and eliminate moral consequence. He will be judged accordingly, and so will this shameful, hideous person.

  • MikeBarret

    “I tracked my ovulation cycle”

    Oh look, the Rhythm Method, and we see just how well that works!

  • Hannah

    The reality is that I went into cardiac arrest, and shock. I was nearly dead from a surgical abortion. I also live with the heart ache that I murdered my beautiful child. All because my now ex husband didn’t want me to have the baby. Abortion should not be an option, I wish it hadn’t or I’d be holding my little one right now.






    Don’ t you wish you Mom had aborted you Mike Barret and Dr. Johns???
    . . . . .I certainly wish your Mom had done exactly what you speak of.

  • Jennifer Harvey

    How wonderful of her this makes me SICK. I have lost a Baby I and I think a lot of what he or she would have become. I cry for the child I lost I miss and feel cheated but yet you celebrate Murder! Shame on you. It makes me sick that we live in a world that would praise and win contest for killing. I now can no longer have a baby because of a health condition. But yet you can kill for fun shame on you.

  • June

    How sad:(((💔…. Just because you ( referring to anyone) put something on video doesn’t nessiarly mean it’s a good and positive thing no matter how it is portrayed. It all goes back to what you believe. However there is no scientific evidence that it could just be “tissue,” or not having a soul…with that in mind why would anyone take that chance in good conscious … One side believing it’s harmless the other side believing it’s murder. I wouldn’t even take a chance if it’s between those two options…better to stay safe. It’s not like deciding whether you want something as petty as what flavor donut you want or don’t want. It’s between life or possible existence of that life…why even chance something as serious as that? Now that is a good question….

  • Marnie

    Just what we need, another “snuff” film! Yaay!! Lets all celebrate this wonderfully intellectual woman’s right to choose. So glad she is happy with her decision!

  • Marnie

    If this film weren’t so sad it would be comical. “Its been a month since the abortion, and I don’t feel sad….I feel awe that I can create a life, that I can create a baby.” Stomach turning.

  • Truthy

    Rant, rave, and obfuscate all you want leftists/atheists.

    If you support abortion, you support murder.

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