“Suspicious Death” Likely Murder, Neighbors say

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Update 5/8/2014- Karl Justin Walls has been arrested for Moore’s murder.

Walls is charged with capital murder.

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(Southaven, MS) Southaven detectives fanned out in a Colonial Hills neighborhood, looking for clues in the death of longtime resident and community volunteer Johnny Moore.

Amber Foshee grew up next door and got the shocking news Tuesday night, ”I got a phone call from my father, asking me when was the last time I seen Mr. Moore."

She said she believes Moore could have been dead as long as three days before police found him, ”Sunday morning I came home and my brother had said something and was like, it was weird, Mr. Moore wasn't home all night and we noticed a lamp in his living room was turned over."

Officers found his body after getting a request to check on him.

Neighbors noticed two other troubling things. They noticed Moore’s back gate open, and a trail of blood that led all the way to his back door.

Everything neighbors and family know, seems to point to murder, though police insist on calling it a death investigation at this point.

”We’re wanting to make sure, till after we get the coroner’s and medical examiner’s ruing as to exactly was the causation and manner of death was,” said Southaven Deputy Police Chief Steve Pirtle.

Right now, it appears the best evidence in the case may come from a neighbor’s security camera.

”I've never heard of anything like this happening, like this in this neighborhood. I’m scared, yes,” said Southaven resident Tiffany Tutor.

Police has asked people to remain on the lookout for Moore’s missing red 2001 GMC Jimmy.

”I hope they catch them. I really feel it’s somebody who knew him, who knew his routine,” said Foshee.

If that’s the case, police are not saying, as they continue combing Moore’s home for clues.

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