Robbers Take Pizza Delivery Man’s Cash And Hot Pizza, Too

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(Clarksdale, MS) The search is one for three men who put a gun to a pizza delivery man's head, took all his cash, and his pizza, too.

The delivery man wasn't badly hurt, but the crime hit a little too close to home for one Clarksdale man.

"Last night I heard nothing, absolutely nothing. And it was just a quiet night in the neighborhood," said Lonzell Hunter.

Hunter lives on Adams Avenue in Clarksdale and was surprised to hear a pizza delivery man was robbed Tuesday night, not too far from where Hunter lives.

But the crime is upsetting to Hunter for another big reason.

"My nephew delivers pizza. And you was telling me this and I was worried about him. But I called and he's at his other job, thank God," said Hunter.

Clarksdale police are investigating the armed robbery, which happened in the 300 block of Adams Avenue just after 10 Tuesday night.

The delivery man was robbed of cash, his cellphone and the pizza he was going to deliver, and told police one of the three robbers involved hit him in the head with a pistol.

News Channel 3 was told the pizza driver works for Domino's on Desoto Avenue, but Clarksdale police haven't released that information yet.

We tried to contact Domino's franchise owner about the reported robbery, but we were told he had no comment.

Hunter said he's going to have a serious talk with his nephew.

"I'm going to tell him he needs to find another job, instead of delivering pizza late at night," said Hunter.

Stone Pony Pizza in downtown Clarksdale stopped pizza delivery service last September.

"I decided that it wasn't profitable," said manager Debbie Ray.

But Ray said the safety of her employees at the gourmet pizza restaurant is always more important than the bottom line.

Ray said the most important thing people can do is be aware of their surroundings, whether inside or outside their business.

"You know, anything can happen. You just have to keep your eyes opened and try to be cautious, " said Ray.

The name of the pizza delivery man has not been released.

If you have information, you're urged to call Clarksdale Police at 1-662-621-8151 or Coahoma County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


  • Avoidthegrooid

    “You know, anything can happen. You just have to keep your eyes opened and try to be cautious, ” said Ray.

    Yeah especially when you are delivering pizza around blacks

    • thehood

      He was probably delivering an order of hot wings with the pizza, that’s what got the robbers attention.

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