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Murder Suspect Captured in Marshall County

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(Byhalia, MS) Sheriff’s deputies in Marshall County, Mississippi say they’ve captured a man wanted in connection with a murder Tuesday night in Byhalia.

Jose Luis Lopez was taken into custody early Wednesday morning hours after deputies say he stabbed a person to death in the 1500 block of Victoria Road.

So far, deputies haven’t released any information about any charges that Lopez is facing.

Later in the day Wednesday, investigators are expected to release more information about the case, including the identity of the victim.


  • Me

    I live in Byhalia and whether white, black or Mexican…this is NOT cool. Don’t spoil our peace!

  • mr matt

    marshall county is a great place with even greater potential, it will see a lot of growth after the new interstate is done. i meant my earlier comment as a joke, there is some crime in byhalia and surrounding but it doesnt compare to memphis or anyplace with simaliar dmographics.

    i loved the story a few weeks back in barton where the turds tried to rob the old man and ran into the dead end and then almost ended up in a real dead end from the old mans nieghbors shotgun, thats my kind of people!

    • Some Body

      Exactly PD. What planet are you from? Are you even on the correct thread? What comment or facts are you referring?

  • Dawson myers

    I hope it wasn’t him this guy goes to my church he has never done any act of violence

  • Linda

    Sad that media wants to see only one side of a situation. Why not check both individuals instead of one person. We are to be considered innocent until proven guilty by a court of law not by the media!!! Luis was the one being BULLIED, very sad his story isn’t being told. If his age is not correct in story, how can people believe what is written.

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