MATA Guard Tells His Side Of Incident That Left Man Critically Hurt

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(Memphis) A Memphis Police Department report details what a MATA security guard told police happened before a 68-year-old man suffered serious injuries at the downtown MATA terminal.

At last report, James Gray was in critical condition.

Adicus Mitchell, 49, who is charged with aggravated assault, told police a driver reported a ‘unruly passenger” on his bus.

Mitchell said he got on the bus and confronted James Gray, telling him he had to get off the bus.

The police report states Gray turned to get off the bus, at which time Mitchell tried to take Gray’s right arm to, ‘escort him off the bus.”

Gray reportedly turned and yelled an expletive and, ‘advanced’ toward Mitchell.

The report states Mitchell pushed Gray away from him causing Gray to, “stumble and fall out of the bus door and land on concrete face first.”

One witness told police Gray was talking loud and disturbing passengers and did turn on Mitchell but she, ‘was unsure who pushed who first.”

Another witness said Gray was getting off the bus, turned around and Mitchell pushed him.

Mitchell is employed by Pro-Tech security which is contracted by MATA.

Interim MATA CEO Tom Fox told our Michelle Reese he is ‘disturbed and appalled’ by the allegations.

Fox confirmed there was an incident on the bus and the driver called for security.


  • MemphisDad

    Doing your job in Memphrica will get you put in jail. Can’t have law and order here.

  • just me

    Just because your security does not give him the right to put his hand on people. He should get charged with assault.

  • John T. Dwyer

    Common sense thought for the day:

    You get on a Memphis Area Transit Authority bus in an orderly manner, pay your fare and maybe say hello to the driver. You then turn to see what seats are available for you to take. If all are occupied with at least one other passenger you say “Excuse me, Sir, Mam, may I sit here?”, to the closest one, and sit down. Same goes for if you have to transfer to another bus. 99.9% the ride is enjoyable.
    Note: I did not say get on the bus acting rude, or brusk. Nor did I say intoxicated, or looking for trouble. Nor in a way that would cause the operator to summon law enforcement assistance to have you leave!

    I was always taught that a police officer, or security guard in uniform, was the most visible representation of our laws and government. They were to be obeyed without question. If they were wrong, there were courts of law civil, criminal and federal to right the wrong. They do not have the time nor the ability/authority, to carry out a kangaroo court on the street. That’s what we pay judges for!

    In the instant at hand, the operator of the bus contacted the appropriate authority regarding an alleged unruly passenger. The guard arrived and had the individual pointed out to him. He then ordered the individual to exit the bus as the individual had apparently ignored the operator’s request to disembark.

    The common sense part: Security guard or police ask you to scram off the bus. And you refuse. Security guard or police have the means and ability to see you vacate the premises with all haste! If you choose to take your self defense in your own hands by attacking either…you have set yourself upon the path to your own demise.

    There are umpteen hungry attorney’s more than willing to take on your case of being wrongfully ejected from a bus or anywhere else if it was wrongful. Cases like this are won every day.

    And there will now be umpteen hungry attorney”s wanting (scrambling) to take this case on. All because somebody–Forgot the golden rule!

    • Dr. JohnS

      Thank you for an intelligent post, it is unusual to read one on this site and I found yours to most refreshing.

  • Hard Truths

    Security guards often have a bad attitude in Memphis. They’re cop wannabes in many instances, and they learn their bad behavior and bad attitude from the cops.

    I hope this man sues and collects millions. I hope the security guard is sentenced in accordance with the gravity of the injury he inflicted.

    • Dr. JohnS

      I am glad you were there and recorded everything that took place. You will be most helpful in court. I read yesterday’s story and today’s and I am not sure what happened. But I trust our courts to do their best to un-ravel the situation with intelligence and dilligence.

      • Hard Truths

        Yes, there’s video. MATA executives viewed it and barred the thug from the property for life already.

        Let’s HAVE that trial, oh yes. Thug will plead out.

        Just who ARE you an apologist for?

        And your doctorate is in what field, please?

        Just in case no one has ever mentioned this to you — It is NOT customary or appropriate to refer to oneself as “doctor” — outside of an academic setting — unless you actually hold a medical doctorate.

        Just so you know that. I shouldn’t have to tell you that, but it’s to inform other readers who make the same childish mistake you are making.

  • Joe Bo

    Hard tru, The Doc can use whatever name th chooses too. Who are you? The screen name police? You are the one being child like. Wah!! Wah!! Wah!!

  • 122811

    just because this man turn around before getting off the bus does not give him the right to push him hard enough for him to fall… be happy to have a little authority and abuse it…..i say he needs to be CHARGED

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