MATA Guard Tells His Side Of Incident That Left Man Critically Hurt

(Memphis) A Memphis Police Department report details what a MATA security guard told police happened before a 68-year-old man suffered serious injuries at the downtown MATA terminal.

At last report, James Gray was in critical condition.

Adicus Mitchell, 49, who is charged with aggravated assault, told police a driver reported a ‘unruly passenger” on his bus.

Mitchell said he got on the bus and confronted James Gray, telling him he had to get off the bus.

The police report states Gray turned to get off the bus, at which time Mitchell tried to take Gray’s right arm to, ‘escort him off the bus.”

Gray reportedly turned and yelled an expletive and, ‘advanced’ toward Mitchell.

The report states Mitchell pushed Gray away from him causing Gray to, “stumble and fall out of the bus door and land on concrete face first.”

One witness told police Gray was talking loud and disturbing passengers and did turn on Mitchell but she, ‘was unsure who pushed who first.”

Another witness said Gray was getting off the bus, turned around and Mitchell pushed him.

Mitchell is employed by Pro-Tech security which is contracted by MATA.

Interim MATA CEO Tom Fox told our Michelle Reese he is ‘disturbed and appalled’ by the allegations.

Fox confirmed there was an incident on the bus and the driver called for security.


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