Man Convicted For Robbing Pregnant Mother

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(Memphis) A man with more than 15 prior felonies was convicted of robbing a pregnant woman and now faces life without parole.

Michael Bailey, 44, was convicted Wednesday for aggravated robbery.

Six years ago, he robbed a 24-year-old woman, who was nine months pregnant, as she got out of her car. He took her purse and keys, then drove off in her car.

He had been out on parole for only six days.

The woman was uninjured and gave birth a week later. She identified Bailey in a photo line-up after he was arrested.

Bailey’s record goes back to 1990. He’s been arrested for thefts, assaults, and aggravated robberies.

He had already pleaded guilty to the robbery and was serving a 30-year sentence without parole, but a technical error indicated parole was possible. He then withdrew his plea and asked for a trial.

His prior convictions mean he will automatically be sentenced to life in prison without parole s a three-strikes offender at his next court appearance.


  • Doctor

    DOES NOT MAKE SENSE THREE (3) STRIKES BUT HE HAS 15 PRIOR FELONIES????????? Because of his lengthy criminal record, however, he automatically will be sentenced to life in prison without parole as a three-strikes offender when he returns to court on June 16.Michael Bailey, a repeat violent offender with more than 15 prior felonies,

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