Kids’ Fight Leads To Gunfire Between Adults

(Memphis) A fight between two kids led to gunshots between their dads.

Marlo Demo said he heard the hots from a nearby park.

“People talking, yellow tape. All this, it was crazy.”

We’re told Dante Lockhart started shooting at John Michael Glenn.

He hit him two times, bringing him to the ground, and then shot eight more rounds before police showed up and arrested him.

Porsha Holloway says she was surprised Glenn survived, but says shootings in her neighborhood happen almost every day. She’s been shot at before, too.

“One time they were shooting out here and a bullet came through my window. All they could tell me was call the police, put in a report. There is still going to be people shooting around here that’s not going to stop.”

She says she only lets her kids out during the day, because not even a toddler will stop people from firing their guns.

“Those signs over there say neighborhood watch. What y’all watching? We have to protect ourselves,” Holloway said.

Neighbors say the police come around a lot, but only after something bad happens. They want to see more patrol cars, but in the meantime, they just keep their heads down.

Marlo Demo said, “They be around here, but when they leave it starts getting crazy again.”

Glenn is listed in critical condition.


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