Horn Lake Looks At Regulating Door-To-Door Sales

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(Horn Lake, MS) George Dixon says he can hardly enjoy a peaceful evening at home without some salesperson knocking on his door.

”We need some protection against these door-to-door salesmen. You got people knocking on doors wanting to sell you meat, people coming around wanting to sell this or sell that…”

That’s why Dixon went to Horn Lake’s Board of Aldermen for help. He wants the city to make salespeople register before they can go door to door.

”I think it has a lot of validity to it,” said Horn Lake Mayor Alan Latimer, who believes the request makes sense.

”Well, you never know who’s gonna come to your door and what ruse they’re gonna use to try to gain access to your home."

He says it might make sense to keep tabs on neighborhood salespeople.

What benefit does registration bring? For one, if door-to-door salespeople aren’t on the up and up, registration gives the police department a simple way to find them.

Aldermen didn’t take any action, but promised to study the idea.

”If everything is legal, it seemed like the board was very receptive from the comments they made,” Latimer said.

Dixon hopes he got the board’s attention, and that of salespeople too.

”It would give the people of Horn Lake some protection."

And with more, door-to-door sales going on with the warmer weather, he says people in Horn Lake need that protection.