Goodwill Worker Finds Hundreds In Pocket Of Donated Coat

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(Memphis) What would you do if you found a bundle of money on the job? Would you turn it over to your boss, or keep it?

A Goodwill employee is being honored for doing the right thing.

Sandra Morales was sorting donated clothes when she came across a lot of cash, but she didn't pocket it.

With the amount of clothes that Goodwill gets, it’s not surprising that some unintended stuff gets donated too.

“A lot of stuff like the trash,” Sandra Morales said about what she finds in pockets.

Something Sandra found a couple weeks ago wasn’t something to be just thrown away.

“I always put my clothes on the table and touch it to make sure the zipper works and everything. That’s when I opened up a packet and I saw the money. I closed it back up and went and turned it in to my manager.”

The hourly worker, who spends her day hanging clothes for Goodwill, didn’t think twice about turning in hundreds of dollars of cash to her boss.

“Sandra is going to be presented in our next board meeting and she will receive a Goodwill Spirit Employee Award,” said Trina Jones, marketing manager for Goodwill.

The Goodwill also plans to honor Sandra with a cash reward. It won’t say yet how much, and it won’t disclose how much cash Sandra found in the coat pocket that day.

“It’s enough that where if I lost it, I would want it back wanted back,” said Jones. “But we're not going to say how much because you want to be fair to the person who lost it.”

Goodwill plans to return the money to the rightful owner.

“Did any part of you want to keep it?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“No,” said Sandra. “I know what is right and what is wrong and it wasn't right to keep it.”

“She was hired three years ago last Friday,” said Jones.

“Was she a good hire?” asked Hall.

“I believe it's the best hire we could make,” said Jones.

While, like most of us, Sandra isn't rich, she says she enjoys her job and wants to keep it.

Goodwill says it plans to save the cash for 30 days in an effort to find its rightful owner.

After that, it will consider it a donation to Goodwill.

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  • Dr. JohnS

    It thrill me to know that there are honest people in Memphis who are willing to do the right thing.

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