Former Officer Malone Charged With Rape Won’t Get Badge Back

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(Memphis) A former Memphis police officer who vowed to get his job back, won't be getting his badge back any time soon.

News Channel 3 learned Darrell Malone's request to rejoin the Memphis Police Department is on hold while the courts determine if he's guilty of rape.

A grand jury indicted Malone Tuesday for allegedly attacking a woman in 2013.

According to court documents, Malone met his victim at Oak Court Mall. They became casual friends, but prosecutors say he eventually took advantage of her.

Malone, who was found not guilty of harassment in February, now faces even more serious charges.

Malone is charged with rape, accused of taking a 20-year-old woman back to his Cordova apartment and attacking her.

Prosecutors say it happened in April 2013, about two months after he lost his job as a police officer.

MPD fired him after he was accused of flashing a gun at Michael Montgomery and using the 911 call center to get Montgomery’s cell phone number to threaten him.

“It was a complete abuse of power,” said Montgomery.

“Did you harass that man?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

"No, ma'am. I did not,” said Malone as he entered court in early 2014.

After going to trial, a jury found it didn't have enough evidence to convict.

“That is justice,” said Amy Weirich, Shelby County’s district attorney. “It may not always be the result that the victim wants and it may not be, quite frankly, the result that the prosecutors want but that is still justice.”

“I forgive Michael for lying on me and thank God it all worked out,” Malone said after he was found not guilty.

Malone's big smile hid a long string of accusations against him.

While as an officer, Malone was accused of violence.

“He got very verbal,” said a man who filed a complaint against Malone with the Internal Affairs Bureau. “He pulled his stick out and threatened to hit me in the face.”

A woman also told Internal Affairs he roughed her up when she was pregnant.

“He grabbed me so aggressively,” said the woman.

It took Montgomery coming forward to get Malone fired from MPD.

“It was 26 seconds long of him telling me I needed to watch my back,” said Montgomery about the phone call he received from Malone.

After being found not guilty of harassment, he applied to get his job back.

Now indicted for rape, he may not get a chance to ever wear his uniform again.

“Our job is making sure that justice is done,” said Weirich

Malone is currently out of jail on a $50,000 bond. He's due back in court on June 10.


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