Does This Pan Deliver On Its Promise Of Perfect Brownies?

(WREG-TV) If you love brownies and you want them to look as good as they taste, you may be in luck.

The Perfect Brownie Pan boasts about its non-stick dividers designed to specially avoid that sticky situation.

But Does It Work?

Wendy Biggerstaff is a stay-at-home mother of two who volunteers at her son’s school.

“We love cookies. We love homemade cakes. And we like brownies!”

But there’s no love when the brownies get stuck to the pan!

“I think what I’m looking forward to most about this product is how easy it seems that you can slice the brownies and serve them.”

The Perfect Brownie Pan set comes with a pan, non-stick dividers, decorative stencils, and a plastic lid.

We made the traditional brownies from the recipe book it comes with, preheated the oven, melted and blended all ingredients, and, as the instructions stated, coated the pan and divider thoroughly with non-stick cooking spray!

Wendy poured in the batter and placed the divider into the pan.

“I do hope that when it comes out of the oven, we have 18 crispy brownies.”

Thirty-five minutes later, we had the moment of truth.

“I think we’re gonna have a sticky situation here. It feels really heavy. And I do believe it’s gonna be crumbly.”

“As you can see with these brownies, they’re stuck on the dividers. Now I don’t have perfect brownies.”

Perfect Brownie Pan, you failed the Does It Work test!

We contacted the company last week and again this week for their response, but have yet to hear back.

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