Church Member Find Drugs, Condoms In Park Across The Street

(Memphis) A neighborhood church is on a mission to clean up a park it considers a  neighborhood eyesore.

Members of Shekinah Glory Church also want to make American Way Park a safer place for kids.

“There was graffiti right here,” said Pansy Carmichael.

Carmichael is member of Shekinah Glory Church, located just across the street from the park.

She said American Way Park is no place for neighborhood kids.

There is very little playground equipment and broken glass and garbage everywhere.

“We found drugs and condoms,” said Carmichael.

Carmichael said they have to take church kids to other parks to play, and last month had to clean it up themselves before they could hold a block part there.

“It’s a big neglect on the part of the city. I know there is a span they supposed to have for parks like five years, but these kids need something to do right now,” said Carmichael

While we were at the park Wednesday, city crews were cutting the grass, but left behind the trash.

Carmichael says they’ve already contacted city leaders and the parks commission for help and are hoping to get local businesses involved to clean and repair the park.

“Because we are about the community we want to give back,” said Carmichael.

She says it will take a community effort to make this a better and safer place.


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